Gestures in Pencil [2011-11-06] I have no idea how I drew these. I was just drawing gestures and they all looked stiff until these suddenly came out of nowhere. I keep flipping between the pages and THERE WAS NO TRANSITION. Lol I don’t get it. But yay getting better.

Calligraphy Practice: Final Color Rendering [Fall 2012] 

Never got around to uploading this. It’s the final color rendering of the still life. It was supposed to be a 50% saturation color scheme, but the painting just sorta went its own direction. I rather like it this way.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Lust

[2012-06-04 11pm to 06-05 2am] Here’s June 4th’s piece for my personal challenge. Started today as promised. IT ISN’T TOMORROW UNTIL I SLEEP, OKAY?

Was going to watercolor something like usual, but was too lazy to get up from my bed/computer. So I vectored instead. Vectoring takes hours and hours and is a lot more effort than watercoloring. Except not getting up from my bed/computer apparently outweighs the cons of hours of work. >____>