"Internet friendship is not real"

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Real love is stronger than fake loyalty.”

tyler + my emotions (requested by tylerlockwoofs)


“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.”

Tyler Valencia was one of those pieces. I’ll never forget the first time him and I spoke. It was after Mady, his sister, had commit suicide. Although he had just suffered a traumatic loss, Tyler still was so selfless and lovely. I would go to him with my problems and with my worries. We would share special moments and he would always tell me the same thing: Without you, I am nothing. That made me feel special and it gave me butterflies knowing that I had a person so perfect like Tyler in my life. I was in love with him. Of course, not in a romantic way, but as a person Tyler was beautiful and you couldn’t help but be in love with him. Tyler would always put his friends before himself, and his love was unconditional and endless. During his lifetime, so many awful things happened to him that he didn’t deserve at all. If I could, I would’ve put all of his pain and self-hatred on myself, because Tyler was too beautiful of a person to go through that. He was my shoulder to cry on, my hug for when I was happy, he was my everything. And now he’s gone. I haven’t stopped crying since, and I feel responsible that I wasn’t there for my wonderful Tyler when he needed me. Now instead of him, I find myself thinking "Without you, I am nothing." because that is truly how I feel without Tyler. Nothing. I feel as if a huge hole has made it’s way into my heart because Tyler, the most perfect person anyone could ever ask for, is gone. He touched everyone who he spoke with and he made an impact on everyone’s life. Tyler was the definition of an angel, and now, he’s truly an angel up in heaven.

Rest in peace, baby. I love you.