It’s out - Cherubim is the first new Homestuck album of the year, and it’s a collaborative effort featuring 11 new Homestuck tracks from the various vets of the music project.

  1. Reverie - Alexander Rosetti
  2. Power Fantasy - Clark “Plazmataz” Powell
  3. Stellarum Salve - Robert J Lake
  4. Carne Vale - Malcolm Brown
  5. Green Lolly - Tyler Dever, Robert J Lake
  6. Red Sucker - Tyler Dever, Robert Blaker
  7. Constant Confinement - Erik “Jit” Scheele
  8. Constant Conquest - Michael Guy Bowman
  9. The Lyrist - Thomas “EidolonOrpheus” Ferkol
  10. The Lordling - Radiation
  11. Eternity Served Cold - Malcolm Brown

You may notice that of these 11 tracks, all but one come in pairs of two. Enjoy this leitmotiferrific effort!

As always, all Homestuck music is available at http://homestuck.bandcamp.com

  • Dischord
  • Tyler Dever

Hey everyone! I was recently commissioned to write up a piece for the webcomic Olympus Overdrive!

I’m pretty excited about it. I wrote this short, loopable (which is why it ends “suddenly”) track called Dischord. It’s a theme for the evil Bitchess Eris. This is a pretty interesting comic that features another Homestuck musician, Andrew Huo! I actually used one of his melodies in the second half of the track. Stay tuned for another update coming up soon for some more tunage, mayhaps.

  • Creation
  • Tyler Dever
  • Sburb

Creation- From the Homestuck album Sburb by Tyler Dever

I love the Sburb album, because it really captures that underlying heartbreaking tone in Homestuck. I thought that this album would be more electronic and video game-ish, since it’s the one for, well, a video game. But it is the most emotional out of all the albums. It really hits home how this game destroyed their planet, killed their guardians, and thrust godhood upon them. And they’re only thirteen. 

The most beautiful Homestuck album. :‘D 

Homestuck Music 5-way!

Never before have this many Homestuck musicians been in one place at the same time! I’m happy to announce on behalf of myself (Michael Guy Bowman), Jit (Erik Scheele), Kalibration (Robert Blaker), Plazmataz (Clark Powell), and Squid (Tyler Dever) that we’ll be hosting a freaky five-way Homestuck music team Livestream to answer questions about our many musical contributions to Andrew Hussie’s masterpiece of multimedia storytelling. Brought together in Austin, Texas for my SXSW performance tomorrow, this unprecedented meetup is a truly sweet bonus.

Tavia Morra will be hosting this Q&A on her Livestream on Thursday, March 15 at 6pm Central Time. Afterwards I’m excited to announce that Tyler Dever will be presenting selections from his piano suite Sburb as played live by album performer Erik Scheele. I’ll also be accepting questions in my ask box beforehand if you cannot attend (you can view the recorded Livestream later).

Hey all, it’s been a while! I’m proud to release my newly finished piece Adagio for solo piano. This is the second commission piece of four from my summer donation drive to get this computer. I am very excited to release Adagio because it is in sharp contrast to my last commission, Icarus. Where Icarus was a fast paced mixed meter joyride, Adagio follows its name and is a calm waltz through mystery. Adding to that, in example, is its structural basis of 7th chords.

As a composer, I recognize that a large flaw my works tend to have is a lack of a strong melody or, in some cases, one entirely. I wrote out the chord progression and had it looping through Sibelius as I played along on the piano attempting to discover a melody I could grab onto, and this is what came of it.

The piece follows a sort of extended ternary form with a main theme separated by repeated secondary themes. I am more used to through composing pieces so this was a breath of fresh air as well!

I hope you all enjoy it! My next large commitment coming along extremely well is my solo project that was also largely funded by that Summer drive. I hope you can all wait a little longer, because I am very excited about what is to come!


Candles and Clockwork Alpha version by Tyler Dever, mixing by Alexander Rosetti.  One of the best songs on the album in my opinion. This comes from Homestuck Vol. 9, released 12 June 2012.