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The Vampire Diaries 6x01 Webclip - I’ll Remember Season Premiere

With the chaos that had ensued today TVD must have gotten the alert to distract the fandom by publishing this.

Move On

So far from the synopsis of this season they seem to be really focusing on moving on, and just for the hell of it I’d like to interpret this poster and the characters.

Stelena:  Fans are thinking because they are holding hands it symbolizes them being together, but that’s not it at all. Stefan is pulling Elena with him while she is looking back and focused on something different entirely. Some fans were pissed when they found out that Stefan was moving on after his brother’s death, but then a spoiler surfaced saying Stefan has been looking for ways to bring back his brother. Stefan’s gaze is determined, because he is determined to get his eldest brother back. 

Elena: Elena’s gaze is like she’s doing a backward glance, looking for Damon. We all know from the trailer that she is not handling his death well at all by using the witchy ju-ju to hallucinate Damon. So in this maybe she’s looking over her shoulder because she’s just that desperate to see him. 

Bamon: Bonnie has accepted death, she has accepted her fate and she wants to honor her Gram’s sacrifice so most likely she won’t be trying to get back to the land of the living. She’s holding onto Damon trying to draw him back to her, back to accepting that he is dead and he’s not going back. Damon has that look of determination reflecting in his expression and we know he will always choose Elena. Damon told Elena that he would never leave her again and since then he hadn’t broken his promise even after she had turned and chosen Stefan. Damon made another promise that he’d return back to her, and even in death and the great beyond it still won’t keep him from being away from her. Damon intends to keep his promise to Elena and he will do anything and everything to see it through. 

Caroline: Blondie Forbes has always been the character that keeps everyone together, she is the glue to this group because her optimism and cheery attitude is what gives the rest hope. In this though she’s on the ground almost as if she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and it’s weighing her down. She lost her best friend, and now she’s watching those she loves suffering, and that’s something she’s never taken joy in. No matter how hard she tries to keep everyone together they are breaking apart and she keeps getting knocked down. 

Alaric: Now he has to deal with being back a live deal with the guilt of somewhat taking Damon’s place and have to see two people he considers family suffer. Alaric also needs to deal with being back in the human world as a Vampire. Alaric is behind Elena walking towards her I feel like he is going to really need to take over the role of father figure and be there for her, but considering it’s Elena and she’s reckless it’s not going to be a real walk in the park. I also feel if she does find a “fraction” of hope to bring Damon back Alaric will be the one behind her on this, he’s going to help. 

Matt & Tyler: Tyler needs to deal with being “human” again and no longer having the ability to control when he’s going to turn. I feel like he’s going to retreat back to season 1 Tyler who was a douche and very reckless not giving a crap what trouble he caused. The full moon behind them could also symbolize something especially with the way he’s posed almost like he’s getting ready to get on all fours. Matt is standing proud and straight he’s had so much crap happen to him and yet he’s still the same guy and he’s still the Golden Boy saving the day and sacrificing his happiness for others, maybe that will get tested. Matt looks like he is ready for battle, feel like he’s going to have more of a story line this season, I hope he does.

Enzo: No damn clue what he’s doing, he’s standing behind Stefan and Elena to were their hands are interlocked. Maybe he’s going to try to break their bond? Is he still being vengeful for what Damon did? 

Jeremy: I feel as if Jeremy will fall back into his stoned days, minus the black nail polish. When he lost his parents he lost himself, and now that he lost Bonnie it’s almost as if he’s given up. Jeremy is all the way in the back, staggering to keep up with everyone else.

Delena: Zero in on the body language and both their hands are outstretched for each other. This shows they are both reaching for each other in the realm of death and in the land of the living. Both their goals they are focusing on is reuniting with one another. 

There are two clock towers does this mean that Bonnie and Damon are in an alternate universe? Julie said where Damon and Bonnie are going will be familiar to the fans, but it’s new. Each clock says the same time, is this a sign for something? For their return or when someone’s time comes to an end? Is time frozen were they are? Is it a Supernatural Groundhog day type limbo they are stuck in?

Either way this season has a hell of a lot of potential and I’m really hoping that it stays that way.

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The Vampire Diaries 6x01 Webclip - I’ll Remember [HD]

Season 6 Theories

Ok I know that we ALL have seen the new Season 6 Promo Picture and I was excited as hell with what we got!! I love to analyze the pictures because sometimes there will be a secret message that will tell us what will be happening and we look right over it! 

Example: The last promo picture of season 4: The Graduation


At first I thought it was just a regular picture but as you can see, 
Stefan is the only one standing in the water. Basically telling us what was gonna happen. (He got thrown in the water)

Matt, Rebekah, and Bonnie: Are behind everyone else, seemingly in the background. They were the only three that “left” Mystic Falls. - Not really in Bonnie’s case - But still.

Caroline, Damon, and Elena: Are the only three on the rocks. (On solid ground) Meaning they were the only ones that were going to be safe in the end.

Everyone was positioned where they were for a reason

SO I wanted to do the same for this one: 


1. Stelena: I’ll start with SE holding hands. Does this mean a reconciliation for the “Epic Love” couple. In all honesty. I love Stelena they are cute, and lovey dovey, and that kinda love never dies.. blah. I even wanted them to get back together even after Elena fucked his brother. But now that she’s DOING DRUGS, and being all cray cray. I’m not feeling it. But maybe Stefan pulling her (holding her hand) means that it’s going to be Stefan that pulls her to do the right thing. (Cough) I kinda ship Steroline as a brotp tho (cough) And I saw another promo where Stefan has a new girlfriend (I don’t know if that one has been released to everyone yet) My Theory: Elena will be crying over Damon for half of the season, Stefan has a new love interest but Stelena will have angst this whole season. Stefan will help Elena out with her drug problem -smh- and they MIGHT kiss before the end of the season.

2. Enzo: Someone else pointed out how Enzo is “Conveniently”  parked in between the power couple. Even tho last season was showing Enzo trying to cuddle up with Caroline. (I do not like that pairing, can Caroline have a storyline without her being the center of some guys life for ONE season) Could this mean that he will try to woo the brunette too? My Theory: He will be the “New Klaus” not in the killing everybody way but in the “he has an accent and will try to woo Caroline” way

3. Alaric is standing behind Elena - Obviously- Julie Plec said that Alaric will try to help Elena through this “tough time” (oh please!! The new promo showed him teaching and her not paying attention and he just let it slide) My Theory: He will really be of no use. Just teaching, having fun with his new love interest and telling Elena that “Damon is the only one”

4. Jeremy is in the FAR BACK. Farther than anyone else. Maybe that’s hinting at what Julie said. “Now that Bonnie is gone, Jeremy will revert back to how he was in season one.” Kinda moody and the promo showed him drinking. So we’ll see. I really have no patience with the Gilbert’s since last season, but I hope that he will get pulled out of his funk. My Theory: Jeremy will turn into an alcoholic and go to rehab. Forever. Never coming back. Lol no but he will be all angsty for the first half of the show and then someone -probably Matt or Alaric- will tell him to get his shit together and that’s what he will do. (He probably wont be any help trying to find Bonnie and Damon tho)

5. Caroline: She is on the ground looking kinda scared but still gorgeous. Honestly, I’ve seen so many theories about her that I have no clue what to think. First off I saw some Caroline fans going bonkers over her dress. In her individual photo it is white but here it’s black. They were saying they hope Caroline doesn’t go dark. But I just think that her white dress would be to stark against everyone else who has all black -or red ;) - on. So no dark Caro. But she does seem to be “Falling Behind” while the other two couples are looking like they’re ready to face whatever is coming their way. My Theory: She will HOPEFULLY find herself this season. She can’t go back to M.F so she will be a strong independent vampire who don’t need no man!!

6. Matt Ok before we get to him can I saw how good he looks with stubble!! And those tight jeans he has on!! Whew! But in the show now that no supernatural creatures can come to Mystic Falls. Julie said that “Matt will be flourishing in this new community." And out of EVERYONE I think that Matt needs this. To get away from the vampires and supernatural for a little while and find himself. My Theory: Just like everyone else he will be sad for a few episodes but Matt will love being human. He will finally find people who spark his interest and maybe become a cop or something now that the Mystic Grille is burnt down.

7. Tyler. With Tyler it could be one of two things. The first thing I thought of was him running and seeing Caroline on the ground and -look at his face- it looks like he’s kinda scared so maybe he was about to run to her. But then I read the BuzzFeed article and I’m thinking maybe the reason he’s standing like that is because of the Full Moon and he is about to transition? I forgot how werewolves work on TVD  (after the whole pregnant werewolf thing) so maybe. We’ll see. My Theory: He MIGHT end up killing someone again and sparking the werewolf gene.


I don’t know how may other people noticed it BUT as you can see there are two clock towers! One to the right where the rest of the Mystic Falls gang is, and then one to the left where Bonnie and Damon are. So that confirms my suspicions that they are in an alternate universe. But since its the Same exact clock tower as the one in “regular Mystic Falls” does that mean that the alternate Universe that they are in will just be a carbon copy of the one they just left. There has also been rumors of them being in a different time period. I really hope so. It reminds me of some of my favorite fanfictions (The Other Side, Adverse Effect, Perception, and Come Away With Me. To name a few) And what if they run into their past self and omg!! THINK TWICE!!

Also in the picture we see Bonnie and Damon looking straight into the camera unwavering. And both of their legs lifted as if they’re running headfirst into whatever is coming at them! Bonnie is kinda grabbing Damon but they look like equals and I love it. They are the real power couple!!! they’ll end up falling madly in love but when they get back to Mystic Falls they will deny it!!

The triangle: In the last FIVE YEARS! When promo pictures come out the only people upfront are Damon, Elena, and Stefan. With E dead center and the boys flanking her. 



BUT NOW!! The triangle is BROKEN!! Stefan has Elena (in the picture) And Damon has broken out and is with someone new. That someone new just happens to be Bonnie Bennett. 

I hope that some of happens. Tell me some of your theories?

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The Vampire Diaries 6x01 Webclip - I’ll Remember [HD] Season Premiere
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The Vampire Diaries 6x01 Webclip - I’ll Remember [HD] Season Premiere