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Both stories are true Tygas mom called him tiger when he was little. But he wanted something more meaningful as an artists name. He came up with "thank you god always". It's not only a name but really what he lives by. And being a rapper has changed his life so yeah I can understand why he tattooed it on him. And I think when he's home with his family or friends he's just Micheal.


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I try to think about things like this: instead of thinking "omg Kylie and Tyga are so wrong he's so old and she's young" I think of it like they are ACTUAL human beings, which they are. Sure, maybe it is wrong. But there's more to their relationship than just "right" and "wrong," just like everything else in life. I read on a blog that the girl in Kylie's latest Insta pic is Tyga's cousin. And also, a blog always posts about how Tyga's mom 'likes' pics of Kylie on Instagram. Do you guys (1)



Video of King Cairo shot by Blac Chyna’s mom.