5 Best Ways to Alkalize Your Body

Alkalization is important. If you have been reading our blog or already know a thing or two about ionized alkaline water, then that goes without saying. You probably also know that the modern diet is full of foods that are the opposite of alkaline. That means they are acidic.

While a little acidity is good for everyone’s diet, many modern foods that we consume on a daily basis are over acidic. Consuming too many of these foods can lead to pain, weight gain, and even a variety of sometimes severe health problems.

Rather than hope for the best, why not do something proactive? And alkalizing your body is one of the best ways to thwart the effects of acidity and fill your body with more energy, health, and vitality.

Here are the five best ways to alkalize your body and get healthier almost immediately.

1. Alkaline Water - Start your day off with a nice big glass of ionized alkaline water. Use a Tyent Water Ionizer to affordably and effectively ionize standard drinking water. A great additional tip is to add the juice of a whole, freshly-squeezed lemon into your morning water. Lemons might seem acidic but the body turns them into alkaline as they metabolize. Continue drinking ionized alkaline water in place of tap water throughout the day without lemon.

2. Brisk Exercise - Daily exercise is a must if you want to stay in great shape. It also helps to alkalize your body by moving acidic waste products and enabling your body to more quickly eliminate them. A brisk walk is always a good bet but the more vigorous the exercise you do the better.

3. Eat Green - A diet that is low in processed foods and high in fruits and vegetables is excellent for your health. Leafy greens, like spinach, arugula, and kale, are particularly good sources of alkaline minerals such as calcium.

4. Snack Smart - Eating healthy snacks throughout the day has several benefits. Chief among them is that it will make sure you are full so you don’t binge on non-alkaline acidic foods later on. Raw, unsalted almonds are an excellent choice as they contain alkaline minerals that can help you balance out acidity in your body. They will also help balance out your body’s blood sugar levels.

5. Skip Meat - You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to alkalize your body but skipping meat on occasion will greatly help you accomplish your goal. The metabolism of meat leaves an acidic residue behind that can be harmful to your body. A great choice is only eating meat every other day (and attempting to eat it with only one meal on these days).

Learn more about alkaline water at thepurewatercompany.com. You will also be able to look through our wide selection of Tyent water ionizers to find one that is right for you.

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Quick Review: Tyent Introduces an Under-Counter Water Ionizer ...

We are introducing so many new products to BHI, that is is hard to keep up.  Here’s another that we are really excited about.  For years, customer have been asking us for an under-sink water ionizer, and Tyent has delivered!  We will receive our first shipment of the new Tyent UCE-9000T water ionizer at the beginning of 2011.  Here’s a quick run down of what this machine is all about, and trust me, they are once again establishing their leadership position in the water ionizer market through the new unit’s performance and usability.  We will follow-up with a full review in January.

The new water ionizer is basically a Tyent MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme with a faucet and new controls patterned after the Apple iPhone™.  The unit itself sits under the counter, with 9 ionization plates and 300 watts of power.  The UCE-9000T retains the “Turbo” function, so it can utilize the plates & power to produce “super waters” for cleaning and sanitizing.  As a quick recap, these super waters are either strongly acidic (PH 2 to 3 for disinfecting/sterilizing cutting boards, bathroom/kitchen surfaces, dish cloths, etc.) or strongly alkaline (PH 10 to 12 for cleaning sinks, knives, cutting boards, etc) and should never ever by consumed by a human.  Of course, the UCE-9000T also produces the healthy ionized water at PH levels for consumption, the Turbo function is a very useful side-benefit of the machine.

The Tyent MMP-9090 had already established itself as the clear leader in the water ionizer market, and Tyent could have simply put a longer hose on the unit along with a spigot to put above the sink.  This would have been great news, and the best in the industry.  Instead, Tyent took the under counter model to a whole new level by redesigning the controls for usability and safety.  The multi-color display is integrated into the chrome faucet, making this an extremely attractive addition to any kitchen and extremely easy to use.

Here are some example screens of the unit in operation:

Tyent UCE-9000T Alkaline 1 Setting

Tyent UCE-9000T Water Setting

Tyent UCE-9000T Acidic 3 Setting

We believe that these screens demonstrate the easiest to use water ionizer on the market today.

Lastly, to touch on the filtration: The UCE-9000T uses the same filtration as the Tyent MMP-9090.  There are two filters in the unit, one carbon and one ceramic & carbon.  This built-in water purification system takes out contaminates as small as .01 microns.  You are not only drinking purified water, but the carbon filters vastly improve the taste.

We are taking pre-orders for this exciting new water ionizer, which have taken off as soon as we put the product on our site.  To continue this, we are offering a significant discount for pre-orders along with a special bonus.  Those who get in line today with a pre-order will receive their unit in January/Feburary 2011.  If the price goes down, we will refund the difference plus 10% of the difference!  The Tyent UCE-9000T under counter water ionizer pre-orders are available at Better Health Innovations.  We expect to sell out of these pre-orders quickly.

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It is almost here! Better Health Innovations should be shipping the Under Counter Tyent next week!

Alkaline Water the Missing Link: Drinking Water and Weight Loss

Have you heard about alkaline water being an aid in losing weight? If you have been dealing with unwanted pounds all throughout your lives, then it is possible that you might have heard of the benefits of drinking water for weight loss. And I am 90% sure that you’ve tried!

The Real Score: Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water and Weight Loss

This may sound familiar to some of you: According to Dr. Robert Young (The pH Miracle for Weight Loss) “You cannot lose weight to become healthy; you must become healthy to lose weight.” What does he mean by saying those words? He wants us to understand that being overweight is not the root problem. That is just a symptom of the main cause of being obese, which is excessive acid inside our system.

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Perth Ioniser Water has the exact PH balance recommended by experts - Where to fit the ionizer? Well, Perth ioniser water can be fitted near the sink or mounted near your kitchen wall or near a kitchen pipe so that one can have access to both running water through the tap or interchange with running water through the ionizer. This way, you can use clean water which has a pH balance of 9.5 unlike tap water which may contain trace metals or impurities that are not visible to the naked eye.

The Importance of Alkaline Water for Children

Alkaline water provides so many excellent health benefits that many people wonder if it is safe for children, especially babies.

The first thing to remember is that drinking water is not recommended for children until they are between 6 and 12 months old. This means any water at all, alkaline or otherwise. At these ages, formula and breast milk are just fine. Water can actually cause jaundice, intoxication, and other health problems in babies.

Of course, there is water in breast milk. In fact, 88% of breast milk is made up of water. Yet this is a natural source that does not need to be supplemented. In addition to being potentially harmful, water for babies doesn’t provide any of the nutrients they need to grow.

As your child grows and it becomes safer for them to drink water on a regular basis, you can begin to consider alkaline water. One of the biggest benefits of alkaline water for children is that it is filtered and purified. Tyent Water Ionizers take the toxins out of water and this translates into cleaner, healthier drinking water for your children.

It is also important to note that the older a child becomes, the more acidic their diet is likely to be. The prime benefit of alkaline water is that it is able to balance the pH levels of the body. Because the pH levels of young children are usually healthy, most children wouldn’t necessarily benefit, in this way, from drinking alkaline water until a slightly older age, between 4 and 5 years old.

Once children reach an age where they are eating the same types of foods as you, alkaline water can play an important role in their health. It can balance pH levels, keep them hydrated, and promote a strong immune system.

So, yes, at the end of the day, alkaline water is important for children. However, you shouldn’t ever give it to a baby. You need to wait until your child is slightly older.

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Is Ionized Water Really an Antioxidant?

One of the first questions that many people have about ionized alkaline water is if it is really an antioxidant.

Much of the hype surrounding ionized water is based around its antioxidant properties and its ability to promote better overall health. It goes without saying that this stirs interest in those that strive for a healthier life.

So is ionized water an antioxidant? We’ll look at this question in greater detail below.

Antioxidants and Alkaline Water

Water ionizers are scientifically proven to change normal tap water into water with a negative oxidation-reduction charge. This, by its very definition, is an antioxidant.

The oxidation-reduction charge (also known as ORP, oxidation-reduction potential) holds many of the great benefits of antioxidants. They fight harmful free radicals which otherwise have the potential to damage otherwise healthy cells. By keeping these free radicals at bay, antioxidants are able to:

  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging

  • Protect your skin from sun damage and minimize sunburn

  • Reduce the risk for diseases such as:

    • Cancer

    • Cardiovascular disease

    • Cognitive Impairment

    • Immune Dysfunction

    • Cataracts

    • Macular Degeneration

    • Alzheimer’s and dementia

  • Promote a healthier immune system

As you can see, the benefits of antioxidants are numerous.

How Ionized Water Slows Down Aging

In addition to the health benefits of alkaline water, many people drink it because it slows down aging. As mentioned above, the antioxidants in ionized alkaline water help fight free radicals which improves the look and feel of the skin.

Ionized water actually slows down the aging process altogether. First, it nourishes the body (especially the skin) and brings it back to its best health. Next, it works to slow down the aging process so that your skin looks healthy for years to come.

Alkaline water is not a “fountain of youth” but it could just be as close as humans can come to one.

Drinking Ionized Water for Antioxidants

There are literally dozens of reasons why EVERYONE should be drinking alkaline water on a regular basis.

Chief among these are those discussed above, its amazing antioxidant benefits. Unlike other great sources of antioxidants, there are no drawbacks to alkaline water. Orange juice, for instance, is high in antioxidants as well, but it is also very high in sugar. When you drink alkaline water, you consume none of this harmful sugar and receive the same antioxidant benefits.

Another reason to choose ionized water for your antioxidant intake over other sources is that it is cheap. After you make an initial investment in a Tyent Water Ionizer (an investment which should last a lifetime), you won’t have to pay any extra for your alkaline water.

You can literally drink as much of it as you want without spending another penny!

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