"I don’t smoke anything"

I don’t smoke anything

I don’t smoke anything

I don’t smoke anything

  • I don’t smoke anything
  1. I don’t smoke anything

I don’t smoke anything


hey there, you should report cumbermelikecrazy for a bunch of reasons (check out the blog here if you want to)

  1. its harassment. it makes a bunch of users that ive spoken to highly uncomfortable and benedict is a real person. please remember that. imagine how he would feel if he found this blog.
  2. they change all the sources on their photos, and the poster’s comments, then reblog it from themselves and delete the original reblog so theres no link to source anything at all
  3. they have used molestation as a compliment multiple times (i know of 3 and have a screenshot of only once. the first two i talked to them about and they deleted them without apologizing or anything.) (e.g. “you look so molestable” “i would love to just molest you”)

wow i just texted my girlfriend “i love you. good night.” because yes i can be sweet and not even a minute later she send a “gross, good night.” with a heart behind it and i swear i’m melting ew

ugh i love reading modern au fics in which sebastian and ciel act just as cocky and brash to each other as in the manga but then they have these rly intimate moments where they show that they care and yet STILL tease each other before they kiss and I JUST

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