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Recording Beautiful Mistake with Joel Laslett Pott

800 Followers!!! Thank you guys!

@ms-red-crayon has become my 800th follower this afternoon. Thank you all, especially to the 19 new followers form the last three days! 

I am truly amazed and humbled, especially by all the lovely comments.L LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

Now, down to business. I will be messaging @ms-red-crayon as dear Tumblr won’t let me tag her, to ask her to choose between Loki in Stark Tower smut and Student Tom in Cambridge smut. 

So that’s 


What this space, ladies… And thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ugh, finally home. My job interview went okay but they’re interviewing like two dozen other people and me only being available on weekends dampers my chances of getting a decent part time job at Buckle. Sigh… All I want is to make some money, especially some extra cash for ACen.

Anyways, I’m mad that I haven’t been able to do any 5D’s this week so I’ll see if I can get at least one episode done tomorrow. Hopefully two. But for tonight it’s time for Arc-V.

Luke the type to tie a blanket or towel around your shoulders like a cape when you’re mad at him and say “now you’re super mad”