Don't Say You Love Me [aka the end of the love triangle]

[99867] I’m back and Crow’s on his way he said he’ll get there as soon as he could but it might not be until morning. You ought to rest you’ve had a scare, or if you like I can talk to you until you fall asleep/Crow gets there.

Wally’s message. Mac had sent a response, but he was too numb to recall what he’d said. Body and soul. In the course of three hours Crow had been feared dead, Mac had nearly keeled over on the Water Purifier, and Walter Mack had saved the day. Numbing.

He sat blankly on the cold metal stairs of the Rivet City bridge as the sun slowly crept up the horizon. Three hours. He was exhausted, too tired for his typical fidgeting, but he couldn’t sleep. Not after all this. Not after thinking Crow had.. that he’d been..

So Mac sat up for three hours on the cold stairs, waiting for the familiar meandering of man and Brahmin. Mac didn’t even care if he brought new guard. In fact he’d have been relieved that Crow had the backup. After this, Mac wanted to make him a set of power armor which was no mean concession for a man so against bulky ‘outfits’ as Rory Maclaren.

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Number XIII: Roxas. A boy, newly aware of himself. His light shines as bright and as brief as the setting sun. 

wayward-wayfinder and annie--s asked: Sora or Roxas