Dear Lord, for what I am about to receive I humbly thank thee..

I am not even sorry for making this.

Here’s a lazy OFF headcanon height chart, let’s see what we got here from left to right..
Hugo, Vader Eloha, Bad!Batter, Japhet(ultimate), Valerie, Zacharie, Judge/Pablo, an Elsen (tineee babbyyy), Batter, Dedan, Japhet(birb), Enoch and Sugar

It’s a little rough but that’s the idea.. I might do another for some common enemies such as ghouls in comparison to Batter or something.

These are just my headcanons, so don’t mind me.. //flies away

And the final of the saga, the January. ..Done just before the end of January too, awww ye.
I didn’t have much to work with on this guy so he looks kind of generic pale humanoid demon thing.. but eh. I guess I’ll work on some of my own specters so I can do this to ‘em! owo

Hope you guys like it!

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