This kid is going places, his first big performance is with Tyga. 


Adrian Mason Woods will be Twenty-One until October 1st, 2014. He hails from Modesto, California and looks a lot like Harry Styles. Adrian went to Hawaii Pacific University and earned a degree inCinematic Production. He’ll be working as a Freelance Photographer.


Guided by a beaten heart and I can’t tell where the journey will end.

You know when you watch music videos, shitty sitcoms, or even bad romantic comedies where there’s always the nice guy and the guy that gets everything? The one’s where “nice guys finish last” always seems to be the most accurate thing in the world? The ones where they lose the girls to their ex’s because he’s the nice guy so he lets her go? Welcome to Adrian Mason Woods’ one and only life. This boy has lived through every one of those scenarios and more. Though he prefers going by Mason or Mace, and even occasionally Ace, he’ll answer to Adrian. But he has always been the best friend. The nice guy. The one that was there to make your day better, make a smile plaster it’s self on your face, but the one that is never there to stay. 

Every since he was a child, he was that way. He was the quiet boy that didn’t pick on the girls. No, no, no. He was the one that would go up to the kid that took their crayons or pulled on their braids, or pushed the in the mud, and had a bone to pick with them, making sure they know that they can’t do that. Knight in shining armor even from the age of six. The same boy would bring the extra valentines cards to go to his favorite teachers, the one that became close to the others, and was easily charming. Charisma ran through his veins like he was born with it, like it was built into his genetic code. And the problem was he didn’t even mean for it to come across that way, it just did.

Like compulsion of some sort was used to charm others. And while he grew older, he just got better at it. In fact he went further than just charming and charismatic, and quiet. He grew the slight backbone he needed, he started to pick up in that sarcasm that wasn’t annoying but made you crack a smile even in the worst moments. The one that if you weren’t smiling picked you up and threw you right over his shoulder and probably initiated a tickle attack, til you gave in. The one that brought the sad little five year old sister of his a daisy flower and told her to chin up, it gets better, and then takes her out for ice cream. All in all. He was again, the nice guy. But the worst part of his life and his saving grace.

Now being the nice guy in high school isn’t like the movies, beside his few years on the schools crew team, he wasn’t athletic, he didn’t have a large group of followers, and contrary to belief, being the prince charming in the school, does not make you popular. In fact, it can make you the target of a lot of assholes, who have a slight problem with being closed minded. Anyway. As said. He wasn’t a “typical guy”, athletic only in his way of not knowing how to use his own limbs properly and great at the sport of photography. You see, instead of choosing woodshop or extra sports, or some other usually typical electives and classes, Adrian took the unusual ones. Like American Lit, Creative Writing, and photography

Photography was actually on accident, the boy had decided on his next year schedule kind of late as a freshman, and so he had to take some random classes. One being photography. And of course, as surprising as it was. He actually was only one of three guys in the class. He expected more, in which he was wrong, naturally. Now, a first he wanted to switch out of class as soon as he could. But that all changed once he started actually taking pictures. He surprised himself and his teacher at his natural talent at the art. Her asking how long he had been harboring that kind of natural talent and him having no idea. But with a grin an earnest curiosity on what he had just found out, Adrian started taking pictures of everything, and used it as his outlet to get through high school in one piece and not let everything get to him as he had in his freshman year. Later he would get himself into film as well. 

When he graduated, Adrian only had one desire. To go somewhere exciting for his college years, and Modesto, California? Not exciting or at least not to him. That would be why he went to school at Hawaii Pacific University. Now. He met a girl while in college - and he fell in love with her. She was a local, having moved there when she was a child, her name was Chelsea, and she couldn’t help but be perfect, according to Adrian. She showed him around, made him feel like he wasn’t the idiot dork with a nice streak, she made him feel like he mattered. And after two years of going to school with her, and dating her for more than half of those, he decided to propose to her. And everything was going great they had planned to marry when they both graduated at the end of their program seeing as they took the same one.

That is til she started cheating on him six months before they graduated. And you know, he supposes maybe it was too soon and the others were right, she was no good for him, but he was still heartbroken. He was so convinced that she wouldn’t do something like that he was devastated. And maybe if it wasn’t the first time he had gotten walked all over in love or in life in general. And for the longest time, after that, he started to face some depression. Not just from what he faced but in general, and he has started treatment for it just recently. Though he hopes that this new started in the Estates will jumpstart a new life. Even though maybe in a few years, he’d eventually like to go back to Hawaii - and settle down permanently.


  Adrian/Chemistry, Adrian/Feales, Adrian/Males.
✖ Adrian/Forced, Adrian/Hummel, Adrian/Anderson.


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eagle one - jack
been there, done that - john
currently doing that - ianto
it happened once in a dream - everyone. literally everyone.
if i had to pick a chick oh god this doesn’t work for bisexuals - gwen
eagle two - rex (“stop gaying up the place world war two”)


You saved my life, and in return, I’m going to give back to you. I can’t wait to call this beautiful place home for almost all of this summer 😍🌿🌌🌞 (I just found out today!!) (at twood crew)