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when you get this, you must publicy post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy paste in each of their ask boxes x

because i suck and love appreciating people i don’t often talk to but still appreciate a lot here i goooo and i did this really randomly it was like whatever popped in to my head:  

baesharami: Jhaanu, neeku ela cheppali. I love talking to you so much, we were supposed to video chat kaani adhi full ga marchipoyamu and it’s just you’re such an amazing person. And we don’t as often anymore but you’re still one of my faves on here. i mean the twood fandom would WITHER if it wasn’t for your amazingness so like <333 thank you for being there. 

midukki: i’ve always been super in love with her blog, like a lot but then like now i just am completely submerged in love with it. like i always visit her blog and just stare in awe at the theme and she’s the one who’s gotten me interested in malluwood so i’m definitely watching one of those films thanks to her and also she loves swati and i loveeeeeeeee swati as well so yes yes v excited. 

adityasfro: camila!!! okay so like she’s such a sweetheart and she’s one of the people who got me interested in photography and now my instagram’s like mostly photography but i have no problem with that at all, anyhow, she’s such a nice person and she is very strong about defending people which i love a lot and she’s just in general super chill and her blog’s beautiful too so heart eyes for her always. 

ranjuns: rhea, oh gosh, okay so i know she’s on semi-hiatus i’m sure but she’s actually super amazing. when i first started talking to her i was like super jealous because she was such a good writer and she loved arjun so much i was like *crosses arms* she’s so good at everything it’s not fair but after talking to her more i’m like she’s super adorable and i know we talk really little but still she’s adorable. 

parichopra: what can i say about rose? she’s easily one of the kindest people in the fandom honestly she’s just as perfect as a red rose given to the closest of lovers. and she never misses a birthday and she’s so good at photoshop and such that it’s like *sighs* you’re so amazing rose. and also your blog’s super cute and i love talking to the sweetheart that you are so i definitely should say we should talk more because you, Rose, are a rose and gem to me.