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FKA twigs - Two Weeks

takaaki-ishimaru said:

ahhh i rlly love theorizing about what despair!imposter would be like? i imagine them as like. sort of vengeful when it comes to the idea of existing (like a "if i couldnt exist than neither can you" sort of deal?? i need a better way to phrase it) and killing all sorts of people to make their existance as defined as possible. when it comes to impostering junko though it would be more out of mourning/to keep despair together now that their leader's dead (sorry for dumping this i just. love twog)


i have. so many theories about despair impostor. like twogamis backstory is vague as hell but canon demonstrates that their isolation from other people makes them very easy to manipulate (see: komaeda’s note) and they say multiple times that all they want is to be recognized at their own person and junk would ABSOLUTELY play on that

i see them as having a similar relationship with junko to mikan’s, ie borderline worshipful, and i feel like impersonating her would be (to them) a really natural reaction to the grief and trauma of her death

like… even in dangan island they come off as self-deprecating (with the whole “i am nothing” thing) and it follows that their time in shsl despair would be the absolute worst for them in terms of self-loathing

while junko is powerful and charismatic and has many of the traits they seem to see in togami (except that she’s, yknow, Evil) (like junko is HORRIBLE to the other despairs but she would absolutely play the part of the Benevolent Leader in order to maintain their loyalty imo… junko is. extremely manipulative and abusive)

hhhhh i just am SO passionate about despair twogami interacting with/mimicking junko and i really want it to happen 

fifthangel said:

21, 26, 38

21. Is there a ship you don’t really get but have nothing against?

tbh i dont get ki.rizono??? when i see it im like ok sure the more yuri the better but i just. i dont rly get it
and some people scream at the top of their lungs that its canon and??//// wh

26. Have you noticed a pattern in your shipping? Is there a romantic dynamic you’re more drawn to?

hmm i think mine are p diverse but id say the dynamic that never fails for me is the dark, broody one and the cute bubbly one who coaxes them out of their shell

38. Do you like and use ship names?

hell yeah i think theyre adorable 8) and like
the ones that are just good combinations of names can be pretty cute but the ones that are the best are ones like guitar for twog.ami / ib.uki

Ok I love twogs mais„ I listened to preface on LP1 while I was stoned and it was the most terrifying musical experience ever perhaps. hate