It’s official

That stack of paper is now: HAINTS STAY, a western novel forthcoming from Two Dollar Radio in Summer 2015.

This has been one of the craziest weeks of my entire life. I have so many people to thank for so many reasons (Eric and Eliza Obenauf, Karolina Waclawiak) too many to remember while I’m all jittery and excited, but I’ll do this properly later.

I’m sort of overflowing with gratitude and excitement right now, so this could turn into a pretty embarrassing post. I’ll leave it at: the book is coming. I’m excited. More soon. Haints Stay.


Two Dollar Radio is one of my favorite presses. I extra respect them because not only to they put amazing work into print, they make the books look hot, too, and I think this is important! I got an advance proof of Scott McClanahan’s Crapalachia in the mail, and I think it is soon to be filed away on my Best Books Ever shelf. The writing is sparse and original, plainspoken and totally creative. The book’s subtitle is ‘A Biography of a Place’, but it’s an auto-biography too, of McClanahan’s clan, and it’s unflinching but has this tenderness in it. Made me think of Beth Ditto’s Arkansas story and early Denis Johnson.

Cool blurb from Christian Kiefer for MADE TO BREAK

“If Jonathan Ames, David Lynch, and Jack Kerouac banded together to pen a cautionary tale about Peter Pan and his drug- and alcohol-addled Lost Boys-as-Donner Party refugees, it would look like Made to Break. In D. Foy’s hands, men and women too old to behave like the impetuous teens they once were still cling to the dying code of what made their youth survivable. This book is one wild, wild ride.”

—Christian Kiefer, author of The Infinite Tides

Made to Break drops February 2014. If you’re interested in considering an advance copy for possible review, or are a bookseller, email eric[at]