When they go down the stairs.

So You Think You Can Dance - Roisin Murphy - Ramalama Bang Bang (by desamcast18)


Ein neues Schmuckstück bereichert unseren Laden!

Traum-Rennrad aus leichtem Columbus-Rohr, aufgebaut mit erstklassigen und teilweise sehr seltenen Teilen:

Gemuffter Stahlrahmen, Columbus Zona Rohr, Custom Made
Sitzrohrlänge 560 mm, Oberrohrlänge 550 mm, Pulverbeschichtung in 9005 Tiefschwarz
MARSHALL Frameworks Gemuffte Edelstahl Straight Fork, Custom Made
Campagnolo Centaur 2x10 Komplettgruppe (Umwerfer Chorus)
Ritchey Classic Drop Bar
ITM High Polish Vorbau
Campagnolo Record Steuersatz
EDCO Innenlager und Vorderradnabe
MICHE RC2 Hinterradnabe
Gilles Berthoud Solour Ledersattel
Mavic Open Pro Felgen

Verkauft! (800 €)

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Planet Velo Katalog 2014

Back at the bar in Bill’s hotel, Fleetwood Mac had a bodyguard named Roman who looked as if he’d sprung from the cellar of David Lynch’s imagination. He had a smile like he was being shocked by electrodes. Bill asked the bartender for an aquavit. Everyone in Fleetwood Mac immediately asked for an aquavit. They were wearing a lot of silver jewelry and black clothes. Every few minutes one of them invited Bill to accompany them on their jet the next night to Columbus, Ohio. Bill smiled politely a lot. Mick Fleetwood drank everyone’s aquavit before they could, and kept saying profound things in an elegant voice. Then he invited Bill up to his suite to listen to his late father’s poetry. Bill could tell it meant a lot to Mick, so he agreed. Besides which, the band’s conversation had reached the level of chatter between tree slugs.

The poetry was pretty good. It was on a cassette. There were a couple of dozen beers arranged on ice in a huge silver bowl, like shrimp cocktails, only they were beer bottles. Mick offered us beers but none of the fruit.

Bill had an 8:30 radio appearance the next morning, so we left at 3: 15. As Mick saw us to the door, he asked me what he’d said that I’d written down on the corner of my Cubs program while we were at the bar, and so I read it.

“The English, the English,” I quoted. “The English are the hushpuppy brigade continuing to trample the world in disgrace.”

“You’re the only one who has that,” Mick Fleetwood said, nodding, with a smile. He’s right. I am.


Pissed Jeans - ‘Bathroom Laughter’ (by wizardmasterdeath)


Here, in this gloom, nature worked in reverse, for while old man Müller had no moustache, his saucy raven-haired daughter, Fanni, did. For a long time Fanni was embarrassed by this, but one day a young teacher arrived in town, and he told her the moustache was both lovely and seductive. And Fanni was seized by such great happiness on hearing this that she leapt into the River Poprád near the dam.

Finally it occurred to him that since he had experienced everything there was to be experienced in the world, he would probably die soon.

…Sindbad escorts her home every night for weeks and months on end till he succeeds in seducing her, then immediately leaves her. The seduction takes months because Flora M. is desperately in love with one of the firm’s representatives to whom she eventually becomes engaged … The representative was replaced by another. And that’s the sum total of Flora’s existence.

It was a small mountain town full of cheerful gold miners. During the day the entire population spent its time searching for gold in the valleys while dwarfs left their windows open for ventilation, revealing their hoards of hidden gold.

(via The Adventures of Sindbad by Gyula Krudy | LibraryThing)


(via The World of a Few Minutes Ago by Jack Driscoll | LibraryThing)

From Prowler:

All I’m saying is, that a bridle was hanging on the paddock post, and next thing I knew she was cantering bareback out the fucking gate and down the driveway like Hiawatha minus the headband and beaded mocassins. Those are the facts. Clap-clap-clack on the blacktop, and in no way is the heightened romance inherent in that image lost on me.

All she said back was, “Lower case, Reilly Jack. Entirely lower case.”

From This Season of Mercy:

I even lost a stare down to Marilyn Vanderbeam, a girl who sat across from me and whose gray eyes rivalled the favourite marbles in my collection, those with the smoky swirls inside. I’d taken to thinking for a while that I could love someone like her later on in life. Someone who wrote poems on black paper with white ink, poems about angels and God and one she read aloud about the risen soul of her border collie.


Frische Bahnrahmen!

Gibt es in “Raw” für 250 € und mit Pulverbeschichtung nach Wunsch für 320 €

- Verfügbare Größen: 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62

- knackige Bahngeomertrie, 25CrMo4 Stahl, geschweißt

- klassische 120 mm Einbaumaß

- inklusive gemuffter Straight Fork (gerade Gablescheiden), 1 1/8

- sehr schöne Ausfallenden mit Kettenspannschrauben aus Edelstahl

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