So I bought my first ever two piece and it finally arrived. I’m so in love and although I get super insecure about my thighs not being as firm as they could be, I’m slowly starting to find my confidence. I wish I had a longer torso but what are you gonna do. Yes my upper thighs are whiter than the rest of my legs and yes that incredibly white space under the top is my skin that has never seen sunlight before. I don’t care if you don’t like the way I look or if you think I’d be prettier if I lost some weight. I’m happy with myself at the moment and I think that’s important.


Two piece and boots: Target size xxl
Socks: sockdreams aka the best place ever

Fall/winter for me = thigh highs all season. It’s my fav thing. I got these awesome burgundy socks from this site sock dreams. I got two pairs and both fit my thick thighs perf. Also it shipped insanely fast. Would def buy more.

I’ve been wanting a two piece crop and skirt set for a long time. I opted for a shorter skirt so I could wear my socks with it. I don’t have a lot of floral either. These sets are versatile and I love that.

Sorry I’m kinda preoccupied. I have to put myself in an uncomfortable situation today and i just want it to be over.


Late 60’s - 70’s Italian deadstock two piece from savers that was $4.99
It’s fully lined (awesome, as it’s white based) with a high cut, mid rise brief and underwire, halter neck top. My favourite thing about it is the texture and three dimensionality of the fabric. The rows of rainbow colored diamonds making up the pattern have an almost quilted feel to them and the material itself, is rather thick and sturdy.
With proper care I don’t see any reason why these won’t last me the next 10 summers.