I wanted to talk to all of you about this performance for a couple of days now. Because it’s been on everyone’s mind for all the wrong reasons.

On February 25, 2015. madonna took the Brits stage for the first time after 20 years. Due to an unfortunate cape incident, she was pulled back down the flight of stairs, taking quite a dangerous dive back and at that very moment, internet went ballistic! Again, for all the wrong reasons.

"Too old", "serves her right", "break a hip", "retire, granny", "Jesus pulled the cape, satanic bitch" are just among the most insane thing I’ve read on Twitter about the incident, and I couldn’t stop wondering about one thing - are you people completely mental?

Is the world today so angry that you got so caught in someone’s momentary misfortune that you just completely missed what followed? For all that did - she got up, shook it off, got up there, danced and singed how she will never be kept down. Clearly, for your blood thirst, that wasn’t enough. Some of you went so overboard you wished she didn’t get up. And we’re not talking about just anyone here, this woman is the last living pop legend. Now, don’t get me wrong, even if she wasn’t, there is such an easy conclusion here - people are shit.

Where is this anger coming from? Why is a woman of a certain age (and recently, that bar has been lowered to over 30, I see) supposed to hurt herself or even worse, die for your entertainment, and then she’s scolded and frowned upon because she didn’t? Do you wish for yourself to die, as opposed to repress your own self after you hit a certain age? Do you wish it to your sister, mother, grandmother, friend who happens to be a girl?

Did anyone notice that when professional soccer players (the epitome of masculinity) take a tumble like this one (on grass, if I might add), they remain laying down for minutes, stop the game, involve paramedics and create shitload of drama? Guess who didn’t make a fuss about it? This woman you’re trying to kick down and hope to destroy for decades. A woman! Hear that, masculine planet?

Am I wrong to think in 2015. witch hunts shouldn’t exist, especially not for people who paved the way into tolerance, just to face the exact opposite their entire lives. Seems like you waited 30+ years for this to happen. And you know what happened instead? You know what I saw happen and what Madonna in her own transcendent way taught me?

1. There will be misfortunes on your way. You will fall and tumble. But you will get up, shake it off and carry on.
2. No peril is strong enough to keep you down.
3. You can pull through. And you will.
4. Love’s gonna lift you up.
5. Stage performing, especially live is tough business and nobody’s lover. People will want to see you fail to feed their own insecurities. Leave them hungry.
6. Do it with a smile.

If you got to here, thank you for the read and I hope you share my feelings.

Love and light,

electricbluebutterflies replied to your post “I have a mighty need for Trigedasleng pet names.”

I am now thinking about this and WHIMPERING.

Can you imagine?! Lincoln holding her face in his huge hands after a battle and checking for lesions and calling her something sweet and meaningful in Trigedasleng. Or just throwing sweet nicknames to one another around other Sky People who have NO idea what it means.


Your words have never left me
They’re the prayer that I say every day