two cats

  • Two medicine cat apprentices training alongside each other because being a medicine cat is not “oh starclan I couldn’t become a warrior, poor me” but is actually something some cats strive to be.
  • A medicine cat apprentice giving up their clan to go live in and aid another clan because their medicine cat died untimely and they didn’t have an apprentice when they died.
  • Medicine cat apprentices that REALLY WANT TO BE MEDICINE CATS.
  • Kits looking up to medicine cat apprentices in the same way they look up to warrior apprentices.
  • Kits closing in on their apprentice ceremony and practically fighting over who should be the clan’s new medicine cat apprentice.
  • Medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices teaching their entire clan basic herb knowledge because everyone deserves to be knowledgable.
  • Medicine cats having vast knowledge on their clan’s little secrets because the warriors and apprentices all babble to them when they’re sick, so the medicine cats know who has a crush on who.
  • Medicine cats and medicine cats apprentices.
  • <3


Description: There’s an instagram account posing under the name @B.U.T.T_V12 that was recently removed posting graphic videos of animal abuse. One video shows setting fire to a guinea pig on a baking tray. Another two videos showed the man choking two cats brutally. The others are generally pictures of gutted dogs and medication that the sick bastard poses to poison animals with in their meals.

The owner keeps creating same name accounts but changes the number, so for instance @B.U.T.T_V?? (the question mark being the number he may make up. Several people have made accounts to prevent them from making more i.e. @B.U.T.T_V20 (seen inset on right) which shows further information of a location that was registered with the account - Mililani Middle School.

How to prevent it:

Can you all please go and report this crime here on the official internet crime website:

You simply fill in your name, address, and make sure you enter $0 dollars in the part where it asks how much money you are owed - it is not a scam crime. Make sure all the asterisk sections are filled in, you can skip the rest as long as you describe the description of the crime above and submit.

He will keep burning, strangling and poisoning animals if you don’t do anything about it. SIGNAL BOOST THIS SHIT!!!!!!!

Crossover rp

Instead of waking up together in their room of the Hatter mansion, the two cat sisters and fell, it what seemed to be another world, not Wonderland for sure but they weren’t with each other after the fall…

‘’Waahhhh!’’, crashing down into some green bushes, Kelly groaned in faint pain while on the ground and popped her head out of the green leaves, rubbing her head as she overlooked the sandy track in front of her.

‘’A forest?’’, it wasn’t the one of Wonderland for sure and the black haired girl got out of this bothersome bushes, brushing off the leaves that was on her and saw Ally nowhere, mumbling in dissapointment by that.

Now where the heck was she?, this really was not the Country of Hearts but Kelly just figured that she might have to find her sibling and fast or explore around.

With that in mind, she began to walk upon the rather wide pathway of this forest to atleast get out of here.

Oh my god, kill me

We’ve been looking after my auntie’s cat for two days, he got out & now we can’t find him

- Wren

[photo // post]

[[ Image Description: A photo featuring two senior cats on an outdoor bench, looking around themselves, with a post by user scarimo.

The post reads: “an older trans woman in the spotlight is rlly good to see when the “you have to transition early” narrative is still so common. i hope this helps anyone considering transition later in life know that theyre valid and they deserve to be happy” ]]

I have to take both of my cats to the veterinarian today.  

It’s nothing serious.  One cat needs his shots and the other needs her claws clipped, but it’s two, count ‘em TWO very uptight cats in carriers howling like I’m torturing them when this is actually for their own good even though they don’t believe me.

Please pray for me. 

Zero Dark Thirty Navy Seal by Dawn ‘til Dusk
Via Flickr:
Hello guys! Inspired by the Seal Team 6 raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. The Quad eye NVGs are made from two Minifig Cat’s ANVIS-9 goggles, the vest is a combination of TT(the Mp7 pouches and the shotgun pouch used as a radio pouch), Brickarms(the base of the smoke grenade is made from a silencer), Brickforge(the top of the smoke grenade is made from their goggles, and finally a credit card and pieces of a clothes tag used as chem lights glued on the credit card. The base vest is also Minifig Cat and so is the helmet. The whole figure is painted in desert Digital. Kneepads and Backpack are fully sculpted by me. Thanks for viewing, please comment and add to your favorites! -Anthony For Best Brickr against <a href=“/photos/customizedlego/” rel=“nofollow”>[C][B]</a>, <a href=“/photos/wolffe2000/” rel=“nofollow”>Commander Wolffe</a>, and <a href=“/photos/78974782@N06/” rel=“nofollow”>-Sphinx-</a>!

John Fremer, Ragin’, Hikin’, Webcastin’, and Rockin’ It Dada

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Mercer County, New Jersey—first in Hopewell and then, through high school, in Pennington. This is in the Princeton area of the Garden State. Trenton Makes—THE WORLD TAKES! You know what I’m talking about, don’tcha Matt?

Boy howdy, DO I! [No idea what he’s talking about. ~ Ed.]

Where do you live now?

That’s a complicated question. Or maybe it isn’t that complicated? Boston or, more accurately, Chestnut Hill, MA.

What is your current home/family situation?

I live in a lovely little au pair apartment in my mother-in-law’s basement with my girlfriend and two cats, Andy and Gizmo. Some of the time I live with my sister in San Jose, California. That’s the complicated part.

What do you do for a living?

For a meager amount of money I supply webcasting/webinar/audio production services to large corporations. I used to work in IT, but after 15 years of carrying a pager 24/7/365, I stopped. Computers suck—no matter how hard you try to keep up, you’re always a step behind hackers and inept software developers.

What instruments do you play?

I play guitar and bass, and I sing. I know enough about a keyboard to input midi data into an audio project. I own a mandolin and a ukulele that I’ve been meaning to become proficient at. I used to play drums fairly well, but I’m way out of practice. I started on guitar—it’s home to me.

What are your earliest memories regarding music?

My parents listened to the Beatles and a lot of the popular folk music of the ‘60s when I was little. My mother used to play simple guitar, and we had sing-alongs. I’m serious—we even did it around a campfire occasionally. My first album was Seven Separate Fools by Three Dog Night, which my mother bought for me because I loved the song “Black and White.”

Who are some of your greatest musical influences and what is it about them you’re drawn to?

I had lessons from a guitarist named William Tucker, who had a cool King Crimson–influenced, punk-ish band named Regressive Aid that was popular in New Jersey in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Later he played in Ministry and became a part of the industrial scene—he was also Dean Ween’s guitar teacher! He got me started playing music, thinking about self-expression. I can’t overstate how important he is to me as a musician. He died in 1999, and I regret never telling him how helpful he was and important he is to me.

That’s an amazing and really touching story. Here’s a photo of William Tucker. Let’s send some good vibes out to such an important figure in your life.

I think your inner Ween really came out during DADA week, by the way… You were ON FIRE that week, and I remember loving how into it you were.

Otherwise I learned from buying chord books for albums I owned and playing along. Favorite albums like David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, Tom Petty’s Damn the Torpedoes, Dire Straits’ Making Movies, and Jackson Browne’s Running on Empty—I played through them hundreds of times. I loved Springsteen so much as a teen, but that started to recede in college. In my senior year of high school, a friend heard me make fun of punk and “New Wave” music and told me that I had no idea what I was talking about, so he made me a cassette of Elvis Costello, Ian Drury & the Blockheads, Blondie, Roxy Music, Generation X, the Clash, and a bunch of other stuff that I’d never listened to before. This cassette changed the way I thought about music. And while I didn’t become a punk or a “New Romantic” or anything like that, I stopped listening to radio stations that played Bob Seger and switched to college radio.

Hah! Perfect. Punk and New Wave made it really hard to go back to AOR.

I don’t know how to describe what draws me to particular music—I can’t explain why there’s so much of a “roots” style in my playing since most of my influences aren’t particularly “rootsy.”  

For what it’s worth, I don’t think of you that way. I think of you as a guy who can and will try any genre of music, from experimental to punk, from Americana to pop. You often post things that are right out of left field, and yet that fits you, I think. 

How has music played a role in your life, pre-TM (professional experiences or hobbies, etc.)?

I’ve been playing music since I was 15. I’m in my 50s now. I’ve played in bands pretty much non-stop since 1980. I gave up on thinking I was going to “make it” at some point, but I’ve always needed other people in order for making music to seem worthwhile—as something for me to do, anyway. I played in a band that recorded with the same producer/engineer who recorded Radiohead and the Pixies. We had Tracy Chapman’s lawyer, but we never got signed. This was a “roots” band with clear Springsteen and CCR influences. Very few people in Boston were into that stuff in the ‘80s. In the early ‘90s I played with a group that had “label interest,” and we rehearsed and gigged like crazy. I loved that band, but it crashed and burned due to Fleetwood Mac–style romantic intrigue. Soon afterwards I joined a band that I’m still in now. Twenty years in the same band! Part of the trick of staying together is not breaking up—though we did “break up” for 2 years when we needed a break.

I even had my own band for a little while. Being the front man turns out to be way too hard. I really appreciate what it takes to stand at the center microphone now that I’ve tried it. Most of my songs came from that few years. Luckily I had a divorce to help the songwriting process along. I’ve had trouble writing songs since the smoke cleared after the band/divorce.

Hey, that is lucky! I look forward to your finally completing John Fremer’s Blood on the Tracks.

We have a few musical connections that we only learned about after we “met” each other online. Can you tell us about those?

Maybe I’m a bit dense—I’m not sure what you mean. Are you talking about how much we both love Elvis Costello? Or has someone told you about my plan to steal your Les Paul?

I knew it! But actually I was talking about how you played with Paul Melançon and Michael and Sheila Lorant, all three of whom are friends of mine from Atlanta. 

How did you first hear about Theme Music?

Andrea Kremer first told me about TM fairly early on. It didn’t sound like something I had time for, so I blew it off. I really didn’t get it. In August or September of 2012, Sheila Doyle invited me to join and I finally checked it out. The rest (as they say) is history.

What was your first experience of Theme Music?

I realized after some lurking that I didn’t actually have to sing as well as Paul Melançon or Circe to “Make Song,” so I posted a Tom Petty solo thing—"Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid)”—for the PARENTHETICALLY (SPEAKING) theme. It makes sense that it should be Tom Petty. Because I’m “the Tom Petty Guy.” I was unemployed at the time and felt I had unlimited time to Make Song. So I made a lot of song.

One of my earliest memories of you was your making me toast in a video for my birthday. I was like, “Who is this nutball? I LIKE HIM.”

What is one of your best memories of TM?

That’s a hard question. My two Themestocks dominate my memories. I love collaborating. Working in an atmosphere of trust without ego is transcendent for me, so many of the things that Kai, Erik, and I have made together have been practically spiritual experiences. I’m not sure I can describe why—I love making music strictly for the love of music, and it’s so easy to get distracted by the typical things like desire for attention or approval. It’s nice to lose those trappings and simply try to make something beautiful without any boundaries.

YES. So much that. All music and creativity and as little bullshit as possible. 

As a participant in Themestock, what did you make of the hangouts/parties?

If you’re inclined to buy a ticket to Atlanta for Columbus Day weekend, ostensibly to rehearse for 30 minutes and then play onstage for 3-5 minutes, then you’re pre-screened to be an amazing hang. I know this is a preposterous over-simplification, but there it is. Hanging out and pizza parties are just as fun as the rest of the event.

What did you make of the rehearsals?

I’m amazed at how easily everything comes together. As everyone’s apprehensions melt away, the song comes together like a self-solving Rubik’s Cube.

Hah! That’s great. I’ve only had a few rehearsals that needed any kind of figuring out on the spot, but those were great, too! It’s fun to have to think on your feet. Get in and get out in 30!

How about the live show?

It’s a crazy whirlwind of love. You’re definitely not in Kansas anymore once it starts. You will never, ever find a more loving and non-judgmental audience. It’s a beautiful thing.

We are all kind of stars to each other, which makes it really fun. “I can’t wait to see what John does!” It’s that kind of vibe.

What are your biggest interests outside of music?

I’m trying to give up on the whole “raging at the state of the world” thing that’s dominated my time the past few years. I like to hike and watch movies. When I first went to college, I thought I was going to be a filmmaker. I’m thinking about following up on that dream.

Finally, I give you an album to listen to: Crumbling Spiders by a band called Upon a Sea of Murky Water. The cover shows two guys holding hands as they float on their backs on liquid caramel. What do you expect the music to sound like?

Since we both know that Upon a Sea of Murky Water is part of the Yummy Breakfast Collective of musicians from Hershey, PA—I’d expect the music to have some of those signature elements, like the off-time cabasa, processed flugelhorn, and pizzicato viola. But spiders freak me out, so there is NO WAY I’M LISTENING TO THIS SHIT! Count me out.

That seems fair. They freak me out, too. But that off-time cabasa is The Shit.

John Fremer’s YouTube channel
John Fremer’s professional website
Big Train (John’s band from the ‘80s)
Archer City (John’s band from the ‘00s)

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  1. I’m 5ft tall but surprisingly most of my irl buddies are shorter than me
  2. I have three brothers, three sisters, three chickens, two cats, about five neighbor girls who pretty much just live with us (we’re always babysitting them on the side), and one hell of a busy house
  3. I write short stories all the time and have never once shared them with anyone else and I don’t intend to.
  4. Apparently my Math teacher thought that my full first name was ‘Lucinda’ all year long.
  5. I have lots of OC’s, all of which are either children, old ladies, or relate to fish in some way shape or form. I’ve noticed this pattern and I’m not sure why it’s there.
  6. YFYF fucked me up and I’m still fucked up and everything is fucked up and I just want my ne rd babies to be HAPPY

OKAY, tagging ruvuby, thepapermage, starfieldsky, kinikxluna, keshikuun, feetwarmer and th at’s not 10 people I know but I suck at th is

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“Wait I’m sorry, did you say you have a cat in your locker?” -pxrtyhxrdy (YESSSS ))

He quickly put a finger to his lips
to emphasize her to be quiet on the
subject, giving a quick look around
before leaning a bit closer to her.

“Was followin’ me this mornin’. I didn’
know what t’do!” His two weaknesses–
cute cats and cute people. “Was so cute,
didn’ wanna leave ‘em… Wanna see after class?”

Do you ever wonder if animals have different languages depending on location? Like if you take two cats from two different countries, and put them together, would they have a hard time understanding each other? Do they speak two different languages??

rowenamarion replied to your post “OMG I’M GOING TO SEE THE HOUSE TOMORROW AT 6 OMG OMG OMG OMG”

wait a second there’s a giant bunny??? I hope this works out for you SO MUCH.

Not only is there a bunny, there are also two cats, two dogs, and nine egg-laying hens! Plus, a garden, and a fire pit, and a front porch, and hardwood floors, and the room I would be in has TWO closets. TWO CLOSETS. I have already designated the second closet as my crafting/cosplay closet. I COULD HAVE A CLOSET JUST FOR COSTUMES. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

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My last name might resemble a sheep. I have dirty blonde hair with platinum blonde highlights. I'm around 5'1-5'3 and I love drawing. Wolves are my favourite animal. My favourite color is green but sometimes I prefer purple. I have light blue eyes and my hair is naturally wavy which I dislike. I have two cats and a dog. I love photography. I live in Wisconsin and love a Youtuber named ThatcherJoe or Joe Sugg. P.S I should say that I have a MASSIVE 5 month crush on you. ;3

Oh yes Nikita, I would love to date you. xD I love you so much omfgggggggg ahhhhhhhhhhh