Some days it all just seems so pointless but then I remember that i got/get to meet and listen to amazing speakers and performers especially through our TWLOHA UChapter. I still can’t believe I got to see Jamie Tworkowski again here at school last year as well as host William Beckett (whom I got to pick up from the airport and take back to his hotel which made my 8th grade self way too excited) and hear his beautiful voice. And we get to host Kevin Breel, who did an incredible TEDx talk, tonight as well. His talk should be nothing short of amazing. It’s memories like these that make me so grateful for being able to be a part of TWLOHA and help people in some way. Even becoming Vice President of our schools UChapter made one of my high school dreams come true. I need to appreciate these moments more.

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Our event coordinator @itsrobbillie showing off her skills! #twlohauchapters #openmicnight