Suicide Prevention.

My Aunt killed herself a couple years ago because of it my cousin now lives with my family and I. (His father passed away a year before she died) I know that times get rough but there are other ways of doing taking out anger. So before you think to yourself “this is my only way out,” get help. I know it can be hard but do it. Do you know how many people love you? Do you know how many people lose their lives everyday not by choice? Life is hard trust me I know but just remember what matters most.

My brother/cousin and I were talking about his mom and hes mad she did, and to be honest he has a right to be. He was only 7 years old when he lost both his parents. Its selfish.

But everything happens for a reason. My family is the way we are now because of him.

Remember if you feel like there is no one to talk to or no way out, talk to me I’ll listen.

To be honest, TWLOHAD (or whatever, fuck it) has always ruffled my feathers a bit, but things have changed over the past year. I have had two serious episodes of depression - not wanting to wake up, get out of bed, eat, etc - and have had some pretty dark thoughts over the past twelve months. I am in a good place right now, thank goodness. But now that I have gone through those things, TWLOHAD really bothers me. Not only because of the disgusting information about the “charity” behind it, but because of how little it does. Yes, it shows support for suicide prevention. You know what also shows support? Knowing the signs of suicide. Giving a shit about your friend who doesn’t appear to be doing so well mentally. Just because you scrawled the word “love” on your arm and took a picture of it or showed it off to everyone you saw that day doesn’t mean you’ve done any good. It’s attention seeking. I pisses me off how people get off on thinking that they are such a great person for, really, doing nothing. It’s like the Day of Silence. Yeah, I get it, solidarity. But what could solve that, I wonder? Talking about LGBT rights. Helping to inform people who just aren’t aware of what people who identify as LGBT go through every day. Just because you wore a shirt or took a picture with duct tape does not automatically make you some fantastic person who has changed lives. 

I don’t want to attack anyone, but seriously, if you actually give a shit, than do just that: give a shit. Care. Not just for one day, but everyday. Check up on your friends who don’t seem like they’re doing so well. See if there are credible organizations who are trying to help people and donate money to those organizations. At least learn the signs of someone who is at risk of suicide. Pay someone a compliment and DON’T pat yourself on the back. They way I see it, TWLOHAD is a day of attention seeking. You prove that by taking pictures of your “charitable act”.