Wednesday night around 6:45, we will have a brief meeting to discuss the final events of the year (Hug Day, the Community Builder and the Bake Sale), then we will head out as a group to hang up the flyers for the Inspire Movement on Elmwood and Allen just to leave a little love, light and hope for our Buffalo community!

So. Feel free to make up some tear-off flyers like the ones seen here.

And - Dress warm!

It shouldn’t take long, and we’d like as many of us as possible to go! (We’ll cram into a car or two.) This program could end up being a great community builder and will have many fun photo ops!


The registration deadline for our UChapters Summer Conference is this week.

Will we see you there? 

(Pictured: Me (in the purple pants) and two of my best friends at the top of the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, PA.)

Who am I?
They call me Jenna Lou.
I’m the founder and president of TWLOHA-Canisius College.
I have a cat named Tomato and a penchant for words.
And I’m in my last semester as a psychology major then headed whoknowswhere to get my Masters and license to work as a clinical counselor or social worker.

My Story?
Though I’ve never received treatment, I’ve known for quite some time now that I struggle with dysthymia - a mild but more prolonged and chronic kind of depression and mild anxiety. I manage to keep myself in check and know when and how to reach out when things get particularly rough for me. However, a few years ago things went downhill and they went downhill fast…

A few friends, a few relatives and a profound muse all passed away within 10 months of each other. I reached my breaking point. June 2010, upon hearing of yet another tragic passing, I locked myself in my room and started planning how to make the pain go away. I had all but lost hope when, on a whim, I texted one of my best friends - my safe home, “I’m not okay.”

Within 15 minutes (which is impressive because I live in the middle of nowhere), he was at my house with arms full of hope. No words quite yet. But a sincere presence. A live and beating heart near the one in my chest that wanted to give up. And that saved me. After conversation and encouragement, he reminded me that I’m here for a reason - that my journey is nowhere near over-that I’m made to love and meant to have my heart broken…probably a million times…so I can better understand the ones I dream of saving.

With that message in my heart, a few weeks later, I attended MOVE Boston. I met incredible people (that I proudly call “forever friends”) with similar stories and passions and became inspired to launch the first TWLOHA UChapter in WNY. Now, I had known about TWLOHA for years and there was some minor movement on campus through the Counseling Center, but that flicker hadn’t become a flame until I met those MOVErs and witnessed the bonds that were created just from sharing our stories. From that point on, I was determined to do what I can to bring the movement to Canisius and create a community centered around hope. And, thanks to a few friends showing support every step of the way, I like to believe we’ve pulled it off! More than that, I genuinely believe we’ve had an impact on our campus community and will continue to do so for years to come.

That being said, it breaks my heart that I’ll be graduating in just a few weeks and leaving this UChapter family we’ve built. But I have faith in anyone who’s passionate about an organization like TWLOHA, so I know the UChapter will be in good hands. Plus, the bonds I have with members here won’t disappear post-grad. Like the MOVErs, they’re “forever friends" and I have no doubt in my mind our stories will happily tangle over the years.

TWLOHA is a safe enviornment for everyone

We don’t discriminate against anyone. Whether they have massive depression and suicidal thoughts or if they get nervous for tests or just want to hang out and do crafts! We don’t call people attention seeking or self-centered for wanting help or for talking about their problems. We listen and try to help. Everyone has a different story and we have no idea what that story is. Even if someone “doesn’t look depressed”, doesn’t mean they aren’t. The saddest people are the best at hiding it. We are here to erase the stigma not reinforce it. 

Relay for Life Team!

Hey guys! 

So TWLOHA is doing a Relay for Life team at CMU this year! If you are interested in joining the team awesome follow the link below and get all situated! And if you don’t want to/can’t walk or help at the event there’s a handy little donate button to if you want to help your Uchapter out with a donation to help find a cure for cancer and help make more birthdays <3

10/17/11 Meeting: Community

This week’s meeting was about Community. We began the meeting by showing the video we made for last week’s Living Your Story for members who couldn’t make it to the event. We hope to have this uploaded to youtube soon.

At the start of the meeting, Erin asked everyone to share something good that happened to them during the week. Alot of people had gotten really good grades on tests, gotten paid or started new jobs and had fun times with friends. We then started talking about community and the different types of community.

The 4 stages of community

  •  Psuedo-community - This is the “play nice” stage of community. People present the best side of their personality.
  • Chaos - When people move beyond the first stage and feel comfortable enough to begin showing their “shallow self”. This is often the stage where people begin to get on another’s nerves.
  • Emptiness - This stage moves beyond attempts to fix and heal the chaos stage. People within this stage begin to acknowledge their own brokenness, and can accept one another’s faults.
  • True community - The process of deep respect and true listening and caring for one another. Reflects a deep yearning for understanding and compassion.

We stayed in one big group and discussed different types of communities and how they affect us. We also talked about our own experiences with community, and what the healthy aspects and benefits are of community. Many people agreed that our chapter has become a close community.

We finished this meeting with a group activity. One person held a ball of yarn, and while holding a piece of the yarn, tossed it to someone else. They would then tell the person what they liked about them and what makes them special. This game went on for awhile, and after alot of tangles and some confusion, we finally formed a web, linking our community to one another.


  • Our next meeting is next Sunday, Oct. 23 at 6:30 p.m. Next week’s meeting topic is Abuse.
  • We want to say Thank You to everyone who has been involved in our events the last few weeks. Our group has been very busy with the AFSP Walk and Living Your Story and we appreciate all of the hard work everyone has put into the events to make them such a success.
  • Next Monday, Oct. 24, we’re hosting a Halloween Fashion Show and Dance Party in the Student Life Lounge at 8 pm. If you’re interested in being a model for the fashion show, please let Erin know a.s.a.p.
  • We’re looking for meeting/activity ideas. We’d love to hear from you if you have an idea.

anonymous asked:

So things are going down hill for me and I don't know what to do anymore. Its hard to keep myself together. Being composed in public has always been easy. "Don't forget to smile. Everyone is watching!" Now I feel as though everyone just expects me to fail and turns their head so they don't have to see what happens. I feel so alone...

I know it can feel that way sometimes. But you’re not alone, TWLOHA is always here.  It sucks to have to put on a public face and smile, but you don’t always have to. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to ask for help. Its not failing, its doing what you need to do to be healthy and happy. You can do this “remember your track record for bad days is 100%!” 

Sometimes I remember how historically homophobic, classist, misogynistic and generally problematic TWLOHA is. And I get so sad, because it’s fucking problematic and I WANT to like it (because of mental health and discussions about mental health are important), but I don’t think I can.

Anyway, if you’re supporting this organization, please critically analyze it.

trace-face13 asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool)

1.) I think that, ignoring my acne, I’m fairly good looking.

2.) I think I’m funny, and since I tend to be able to make other people laugh, I’m liable to think it’s true.

3.) I do good work through To Write Love on Her Arms, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of myself.

4.) I’m on the road to a successful future, one that it looked like I wouldn’t have when I was in high school.

5.) I love my singing voice, but I can only really sing well when nobody is around.

shannonxxbanana asked:

So I don't go to Bloomsburg anymore but when I did, TWLOHA was always the highlight of my week and I miss it so much!! I first heard about TWLOHA in high school when a few of my friends were wearing the bracelets. I asked about them and they gave me the website. I was very on board with bringing awareness to this kind of community knowing my background and the background of my friends. TWLOHA is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm so glad I found this community! <3

Awww!!! Its the highlight of my week too!! I am in love with all of the merchandise!! Sadly I have no money for it… Glad you found a commuinty with TWLOHA!!