Writing and philanthropy go hand in hand this week at Zealous Scripts. This week's writing prompt was inspired by The Love Letter Project ( ). Check it out on Zealous Scripts and see how you can help with such a simple yet powerful project!

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So this time I am making a special request for any writers to share their completed letters by submitting them to to be shared on my blog!

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I will be taking submissions until this Saturday, July 12 2014, at 12:00 pm United States Eastern Time and sharing them as I go!

"Every night, she counts the days till your next break, which isn’t even permanent. She gets angry every night, when she cries in her bed, wishing you were holding her right now. She keeps a smile on around others, even though they always mention you being away from her. She wishes she had someone to share everything with but noone measures upto you. Sometimes she gets angry and thinks of what she’ll say to you when you come back. How she’ll tell you she wants out. She wants out from the waiting, praying, crying and misery. She wants you there with her or she’ll leave you. She thinks of all the chances she’s given you that you don’t even know about. She’s tried everything, but you never listen. Then, you come back home, but she’s packed her suitcases and is ready to leave. She tells you she wants out. Secretly, she’s screaming from inside for you to stop her but, you just stand there and pretend to understand that it’s your fault. Even when she’s out; she isn’t really out, you know why?

'Cause she loves you.

You may feel alone in this cruel world , you may feel like you don’t belong . I’ve learned that there’s always something to live for. ALWAYS. Things get better , I promise they will. You may have been called names , like ugly or fat. Your not , your beautiful in every single way. You may have been called ’ gay , or fag’ , but you are perfect , perfect just the way you are. If someone doesn’t accept you for the way you are , you don’t need them anyway. Everybody is perfect. Don’t think otherwise . I love you.