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Beth = Cinderella?

I had a sudden “aha” moment when I saw a gifset of Beth in this scene:



And Beth holding the broom like that immediately made me think of Cinderella. *somewhere I hear Yvette Nicole Brown saying ‘See! She is a Disney princess’. Sigh.*

So then I thought, okay hmm do Beth and Cinderella have similarities? Yes. First one is obvious: both are held in servitude by people they supposedly have an obligation too (Cinderella’s is familial, Beth’s is because they ‘saved’ her and provided her with medical care). Next similarity, if Beth does have a fakeout death and ‘resurrection’, is Cinderella’s transformation by the fairy godmother. 

Then I decided to go to Wikipedia to see if anything else struck me. Boom:

The word “Cinderella" has, by analogy, come to mean one whose attributes were unrecognized, or one who unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect.

If that doesn’t describe Beth I don’t know what does. Everyone but Daryl underestimates Beth!! And the entire series until now she’s been unrecognized/underestimated by the majority of the audience. 

The Aarne–Thompson system classifies Cinderella as “the persecuted heroine”.

Beth, as well as the other wards, is most definitely persecuted (or mistreated) by Dawn and the cops at the hospital.

Also, in the 1998 movie “Ever After”, an adaptation of Cinderella, the heroine gets herself out of the situation she is in and when she walks out the prince is just arriving. She asks what he is doing there and he sheepishly says “I came to rescue you”. But she didn’t need rescuing because she could take care of herself! Just like our Beth. 

(It also can’t be ignored that there are physical similarities. I wouldn’t use this as solid evidence by any means, but it should be noted that of all the Disney princesses, Emily probably most closely resembles Cinderella (or Elsa, but she’s so new so I’d still go with Cindy ;)) and this princess is most often depicted in her famous blue dress so this shot of Beth in her blue scrubs is part of what struck me as a picture of Cinderella.) 

So, if these similarities were intentional, the question becomes: does Beth get to have her happy ending with the ‘prince’ that came to rescue her (hehe, yes Daryl would be the prince in this story)? I think so (or, at least the closest to a happy ending as one can get in the ZA!!). 

As always with my little theories, I freely admit that I could be completely off. Though, I would like the opinion of swiftsnowmane because I believe fairytales and folklore are right up your alley! 

I woke up one day feeling light and stripped off of any preconceived notion of what it feels like to be in your arms. I woke up today feeling like a rose in full bloom with the pale pink dress you gave to me. I no longer feel empty. And it makes perfect sense.

You left because you finally realized the havoc I brought in your life — the late night breakdowns, the incessant want to write on your skin with poems, breathing on your neck just to tell you that the stars pale in comparison to you, having to hold me tight most of the time, leaving my name on your lips until you claim them as yours again.

It makes perfect sense. I was never meant to have your name on my chest. The way you say my name like it’s a prayer you whisper every night was never meant for me. Your scars, your stories, the kindness, the care — they were not for me. They were supposed to be yours. You gave me all that you were and all I ever gave to you were the things that hurt. So, here I am, letting you go to reach the pot of gold at the end of rainbow. Here I am, telling you that I love you. But we both know that leaving me behind was the best decision you made. And I’m sorry, that I was nothing but your biggest mistake.

—  I guess this is how I love you good bye goes. | hbg
CM Punk thought up the idea for The Shield himself. Huh. How bout that.

So listening to his podcast interview with Colt Cabana ( http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/welovecolt/art-of-wrestling/e/aow-226-cm-punk-36106222?autoplay=true ) where he’s coming clean with what’s been going on the last few months and why he left, he mentions that Vince insisted on him being a heel when he was the WWE Champion because The Rock said he wanted to work with a heel at the Rumble (Punk didn’t want to turn, but it was going to be either him or Daniel Bryan and Punk really wanted to work with Rock) so as a heater, Vince suggested putting Punk in a stable with Bryan, Big Show, and one guy from FCW (the only name thrown around was Seth Rollins). Punk hated that idea and didn’t see a future in it so he thought a smarter idea that would actually plan for the future of WWE instead of just the “now” of the WWE would be bringing three guys up from FCW and putting them in a group together. He suggested Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Chris Hero (who worked as Kassius Ohno at the time). Vince and Hunter really liked the idea, but weren’t too keen on Hero at the time so they decided to call up Roman Reigns (then known as Leakee) instead. Punk was fine with it and just like that, The Shield was born.


The whole podcast is worth listening to because it puts the whole Punk situation into perspective, but if you want to hear the Shield bit specifically, it’s about 48:50

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