150522 - Private Kim Jaejoong the Visual Shock!

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  • Trans. 1: Went to visit someone and saw Kim Jaejoong.
    It’s first time I feel this way.
    He is so handsome that he looks unreal. 
  • Trans. 2: I saw Youngwoong Jaejoong when I went to an interview, and this is the first that I was without a sense of reality because he’s so handsome.

Source: qq1124
Collage: onlyjj9095
Translation: crystalmoon64 + rilanna of JYJ3
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According to Twitterize, I am a gamer. But honestly, I don't play many games, the only games I have are part of an application I downloaded to my phone. It also says that I have a lot of tweets, but from the information above it’s obvious that I don’t tweet a lot or at all on a constant basis. I wish that my topics on Twitter were more meaningful. I wish my tweets were relevant, and not so how much use of abbreviations like “omg” or  "lmfao". If I talked about topics more relevant I would have more tweets, and more followers. - Dileiny Cruz

150523 Lee Jungshin Instagram (2) Update
[Eng Trans] @leejungshin91I bought this shoes but each side is different in size
[Spanish] @leejungshin91: Compré estos zapatos pero el tamaño de uno es diferente al del otro

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