I haven’t been pleased with the Department of Justice lately to say the least. I’m in support of the report they released though I don’t need a report to prove my lived experience. Anyways, I’ve been coming at them lately cause they released that scathing report of the Ferguson Police Department but then decided to clear Darren Wilson of any charges as if he exists outside of the police department and their racist work. 

So I’m now officially the New Department of Justice. I even changed my twitter handle so find me here 


Chanyeol - 150305 CJ Entertainment’s twitter update: “<#장수상회> 2015년 4월 초 대개봉! 보기만 해도 기분이 상큼해지는 포토를 공개합니다. #EXO #찬열 #문가영 #황우슬혜 #박근형 #윤여정 “사랑한다면 장수❤️하세요~”“

Translation: “<#Jangsoo Shop> In theaters early April of 2015! Revealing photos that make you feel delighted even by looking at them. #EXO #Chanyeol #Moon Gayoung #Kwang Wooseulhye #Park Geunhyung #Yoon Yeojung “Live long❤️if you love~”“�️ if you love~”“

Credit: CJ Entertainment.