141126 Winners of #BTSThanh Hashtag Event

여러분 !!! 주목!!!!! 헤쉬태그 이벤트 기억하시나요? 많은 분들이 보내주셨는데 이제 저희가 당첨자를 뽑아 보겠습니다 끼야야오오오 !!!!

J-Hope: Everybody!!! Notice here!!!!! Do you remember about the hashtag event? Many have sent in (their entries) so we’ll be choosing the winners right now kkiyayaohohoh!!!!


홉이가 뽑은 당첨자는 바로바로 !!! @.sy__ub 님 !!!! 우왕 멋있어요 추캬추캬 감사합니당

J-Hope: Winner chosen by Hobie is none other than!!! @.sy__ub nim !!!! Wow so cool congrats congrats thank you very much


진입니다 제가뽑은건 바로 요고에여 @.NoodlesSama 진짜 잘그리시네요 우앙 축하축하 오오오 축하축하 우와아 축하축하

Jin: I’m Jin. The one I’ve chosen is none other than @.NoodlesSama You draw really well wow congratsx2 ohohoh congratsx2 wow congratsx2


아 이사진이 제마음을 흔들어놨어요..vV♥ @.bangtanstuff 축하드립니다

V: This picture shook up my heart… vV♥ @.bangtanstuff Congratulations


안녕하세요 정국입니다! 이 그림을 뽑았습니다! 멋있으시네요오오!? @.BEC_chinn

Jungkook: Hello I’m Jungkook! I chose this drawing! Isn’t it cooool!?


전 특별히 두분을 뽑았습니다. 저 피아노…그….음표들의 모양이 -ㅂ- 마음에 들어서 뽑았습니다. 와 정말 멋있으세요. 멋있게 그려주셔서 감사합니다 @.sarinonthedaily

Jungkook: For me I specially chose 2 people. The piano…The….shapes made by the musical notes -ㅂ- It touched my heart so I chose it. Wah its so cool. Thank you so much for drawing it so cooly


@.jiminieyo: [FA] #BTSThanh @.BTS_twt @.bts_bighit pic.twitter.com/llTPBEU911” 지민인데요 제가 뽑은 사진입니다!!! 너무 예뻐요!! 창의적이세요! 저 하나 더 뽑을게요.

Jimin: It’s Jimin, this is the picture I chose!!! It’s so pretty!! So creative!! I’ll choose one more.


@.mysweetieBH: #BTSThanh #그래피티 #몇번째#업로드인지#까먹음 pic.twitter.com/lq2C8QOjVD” 침침이 뽑은 두번째는 이 분입니다 ,~ 완전 멋져요 그래피티가 완전 제 스타일이에요 ㅋㅋ

Fan:#CrayonParty #HowManyTimes #HaveIPosted #IForgot
Jimin: The second person to be chosen by Chim chim-ie is this,~ It’s so cool a crayon party’s definitely my style keke


안녕하세여 슈간데여 와우 이.그림 너무 멋지네요!! 축하드립니다!! @.S2eoin:

Suga: Hello it’s Suga. Wow this. drawing is so cool!! Congratulations!!


저는 리더니까 두 장 뽑았습니다. “@.pikappachu: “A Dangerous Collaboration” pic.twitter.com/cmjsQitBen

Rap Mon: Since I’m the leader I chose 2 pictures.


그리고 이거.. 이상하게 좋아 @.bangtansonyeo75 pic.twitter.com/eZceOFZku7

And this one.. It’s strange but I like it

더 많은 분들이 참여해주셨는데 열분 밖에 뽑지 못해서 죄송해요 ~~~ 참여해주신 모든 분들 감사드려용 에헷에헷 끼요

Many others participated but we couldn’t choose more than 10 so we’re really sorry ~~~  Thank you so much to everyone who participaeted ehetehet kkiyo

P.S. All us staff would like to congratulate all the lucky (and talented) winners! Those who didn’t, don’t feel discouraged because BTS had definitely seen each and every one of the submissions! Have a great week ahead guys~! 수고했어요!!

Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans

141126 Fncmusicjapan Twitter update
[Eng Trans]@fncmusicjapan:
CNBLUE WAVE album Premium Fansign has ended successfully! Today the concert will start at 18:30! Fukuoka, be ready to have fun, OK? See you in a bit!
[Spanish]@fncmusicjapan: La firma de autógrafos premium del album Wave de CNBLUE ha finalizado exitosamente! Hoy el concierto comenzará a las 18:30! Fukuoka, estén listos para divertirse, OK? Nos vemos luego!

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