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List of your favorite ships? Could be Cube, Music artists, Twiter users, tumblr users, rly anybody?









Larry Stylinson

Narry Storan

me + any Cube member




and there’s probably more but idk

Calum One Shot: Birthday Surprises.

I drummed my fingers against the cool marble of the kitchen counter and scrolled through Twiter aimlessly as I waited for the boys to show up. It was Calums 19th birthday and we were going to attempt to surprise him. He was fast asleep upstairs. 

I heard a car pull up and I hurried to the front door, pressing a finger to my lips as the boys hurried out of the car. Ashton had a shit load of balloons, Luke had the presents and Michael had some party poppers. “He’s asleep upstairs.” I whispered, shutting the door behind them. “We’re going to charge in right?”

"Oh yeah." Michael smirked, handing each of us a party popper. 

"I gotta grab the cake." I smiled, running to the kitchen. "Someone grab a lighter?"

"I got it." Luke said. I opened the fridge and took it out, shutting it closed with my foot and we all slowly tip toed up the stairs. "Oh damn Luke did you get the lighter?" I asked. 

No one said anything and Luke hung his head. “YOU HAD ONE JOB LUKE.” Ashton laughed. “I’ll get it.” he hurried down the stairs, nearly tripping over al the balloons he had, and came back a few seconds later, holding it up in victory. 

"Okay." I smiled, as we approached his door. "On three. One…two…"

"THREE." Michael yelled, bursting through the door with the rest of the boys. 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LAZY FUCK GET OUT OF BED WE HAVE CAKE!" Michael yelled, along with the rest of them getting on the bed and bouncing and laughing and making loud noises.

Calum groaned and peeked one eye open, his lips curling into a smile when he saw who it was. “GETOFF.” he yelled, his voice laced with sleep and laughter. The boys got off and I sat next to my sleepy love and planted a kiss on his cheek. 

"Happy Birthday babe!" I laughed, ruffling his bed hair. 

"Thanks…" he chuckled, rubbing his eyes. "It’s to earlllly." he groaned, resting his head against my shoulder. 

"It’s almost noon you goob!" I laughed. "I let you sleep in because it’s your damn birthday! I’m gonna get you up at 5am tomorrow now."

"Please don’t." Calum said, picking his head up off my shoulder. I laughed again and kissed his cheek, earning another smirk from him.

"Annnd we brought presents!" Ashton smiled, holding up gift bags and such. 

We all spent a good 2 hours on mine and Calums bead, eating all the cake, opening his presents and just generally goofing off before all the boys decided to go down to the living room for some video games and a dip in our pool. 

Calum was getting into his swim trunks while I made the bed and picking up all the wrapping paper and tissue paper off the floor after an epic 15 minutes of wrapping paper ball throwing. I barely heard Calum come up behind me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the top of my head. “Thank you babe.” he smiled. 

"No problem Cal. You deserve a perfect day today." I stated, turning around so I could face him. 

"Yeah…but you want to know what would make it absolutely perfect?" he asked. 


I felt his hands slowly trail down my sides and his long fingers play with the waist band of my yoga pants. “Some alone time with the most amazing girl in the world…” he purred. “who drives me absolutely insane…and who can make a kick ass chocolate cake.” 

I giggled and played with strings of his swim trunks, leaning up to kiss his neck gently, earning a small moan from his lips and him closing his eyes. “Quickly? Please?” he purred, pressing his forehead against mine and pulling at my thin t-shirt, his voice deep and laced with lust.

"Easy there tiger." I laughed, letting the strings fall from my fingers and slowly taking a few steps back, my eyes locked on his. "Why do you think you didn’t get a present from me?" 

His eyes widened and I winked, hurrying back over and planting a quick kiss on his cheek. “Go back down to your boys!” I called over my shoulder as I jogged down the hallway, leaving him standing in our room. “You’ll get your present later!”

Needless to say, the rest of his birthday celebrations were spent with his looking over at me every now and again, his brown eyes dark with want and desire. The second the boys left, I hurried up the stairs to where Calum was in our bedroom, taking off his t shirt. 

"You’re not tired are you babe?" I purred, coming up behind him and pulling on the waist of his jeans lightly. "I haven’t given you your present yet…"

He turned around and picked me up, me wrapping my legs around his waist and his lips against mine, his long fingers in my hair as he carried me to the bed. He laid down so I was on top of him and I pulled away, running my fingers slowly over his torso, down to the waist of his jeans and smirked, lightly tugging at his zipper. I could almost hear his heart pounding against his chest as his hands moved down my back and his fingers hurridly un buttoned my shorts. 

"Happy Birthday Cal." I purred, leaning again to kiss behind his ear.

In honor of this little shit turning 19 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALUM!!