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Name: Jessica

Nicknames: Well there’s the most basic Jess. My best friend and I call each other D.I.L.F.Y.  Also my friends misspell my name as JESKA when I’m being special and by that I mean stupid.

Birthday: Jan. 19

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight(ish). Girls are pretty and making out with them is nice <3

Height: 5’4”

Favorite Color: Purple

Time and Date (presently): 1AM, Jan. 30, 2015

Average Hours of Sleep: 4 or 16 

Lucky Number: 180

Last Thing I Googled: How do I follow tags on Tumblr… so embarrassing.

First word that comes to mind: Cherry Blossom…Why, Jeska, why?

Places that makes me happy: My room or traveling with Dan places.

How many blankets I sleep under: 1 on top of 2 with a 3rd to cuddle. I have a nest.

Favorite Fictional Character: So many!!!! Gambit, Rogue, The Avengers, Spiderman, Kitty Pride, Piotr Rasputin, Pyro, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Chun-Li, Luna Lovegood, Peta Mellark… I could go on and on.

Book: Harry Potter. I could read those over and over again

Animation: Any Comic Book Cartoon show basically and Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Card Captor Sakura, The Tick etc.

TV Show: My god too many to list. Game of Thrones, A.O.S, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc…

Favorite Beverage: Tea and Pepsi Max.

Favorite Food: Sushi, Thai Food, Pizza, Pasta anything that’s terrible for me.

Last movie I saw in Cinemas: The Hobbit Part 3

Dream Holiday: European Trip! and an East Asian Trip.

Dream wedding: Honestly I’m getting married now and I just want it to be over with. We are doing a destination wedding. So that but to like Greece or something.

Dream Job: Actor/ Writer. I would die happy.

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1. This new text box sucks, after tagging people I have to click back into the box to type more; to start using lists, I have to type something in first, highlight it, and choose to list things. What was wrong with the bar above the box? (This is rhetorical.) STOP SCREWING EVERYTHING UP TUMBLR

2. Favorite album(s)? The first four Def Leppard albums, Appetite For Destruction by Guns N Roses, The first Skid Row album, Killing is my Business and Business is Good by Megadeth and a bunch more that I can’t think of

3. How many band shirts do you own? I lost count

4. Metallica or Megadeth? MEGADETH!!

5. Would you go see a band you’ve already seen live once again? (I know one of you crazies has done this) Hell yeah I would

6. A song you hate from one of your favorite bands I don’t really think I hate any of their songs but I do dislike November Rain by Guns n Roses quite a bit

7. What personifies a rockstar to you? I have no idea

8. What bands have you recently discovered? Not really any. Most of the bands I listen to, I’ve been listening to off and on for years.

9. What bands have you recently started listening to again after the longest time? Guns N Roses

10. Favorite song under 2 minutes Speak Of The Devil by The Misfits

11. Favorite song over 10 minutes Rime Of The Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden

My questions:

1. Who’s your favorite vocalist?

2. If you could meet any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

3. What’s your favorite color?

4. Do you have any piercings? If so, where?

5. Top five favorite bands?

6. Have you ever dyed your hair?

7. Top five favorite movies?

8. What’s your favorite holiday?

9. Do you believe in ghosts?

10. What’s your favorite food?

11. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

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Beverage. Lemonade

Last phone call: my mom

Last text message: my dad

Last song you listened to: Prologue:Into the Woods

Last time you cried: like a month ago


Dated someone twice: no! 

Been cheated on: nope

Kissed someone and regretted it: nah

Been depressed: yes

Been drunk and thrown up: nope

List three favourite colour: blue, black, gray

IN 2015 HAVE YOU …

made a new friend: yes!!

Fallen out of love: nope

Laughed until you cried:  yes ahaha

Met someone who changed you: yes 

Found out someone was talking about you: no, but I dont let that kind of stuff bother me anyway

Kissed anyone on your Facebook friend list: no!


first best friend: A girl named jayla

First sport you joined: softball

First vacation: Florida

First pair of trainers: I don’t remember!!

Drinking: I think i was like 16

Listening to: Beyonce

Waiting for: The weekend so I can sleep in 

Want kids: No

Get married: maybe

Career: I don’t know yet, probably zoology or biology


lips or eyes: eyes ALWAYS eyes

Hugs or kisses: both

Shorter or taller: taller

Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous

Nice stomach or nice arms: both…

Sensitive or loud: sensitive

Troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant


Kissed a stranger: nope

Drank hard liquor: yes

Lost glasses/contacts: nope

Turned someone down: yes

Sex on first date: NOPE

Been arrested: no

Cried when someone died: yes


yourself: I try :)

Miracles: I wish…

Love at first sight: I don’t know……

Heaven: nope

Santa Claus: ahaha no

Kiss on first date: depends on the person

Angels: nah

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