beyondmemory submits:

Seeing as you made me like Twinkie, you must face the consequences of seeing Twinkie art I find.

Donny sez:

See, I don’t conceptualize it as making people like the ships I like so much as introducing people to ships that are unarguably good/right/beautiful/true. :D

This is very lovely Twinkie art. Those ponies could not look more in love if they tried, and I appreciate the contrast between Tall Alicorn Twi and Short Chubby Pinkie. Thank you kindly for sending my way!

(I didn’t change this from a link to the actual image, with source, because it seemed the artist might not appreciate that based on comments on the piece. I do encourage everyone to click through and check it out, though. It’s wicked cute ship art.)

These are my takes on the main cast’s outfits from the episode “Power Ponies”, and of course I couldn’t resist to pair them up. XD I don’t want to play favorites but Rarity has the best powers, having the power of imagination in your hands? Can I say best powers ever!! XD

Main Seven (My Little Pony) © Hasbro
Human concept by me

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