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I’ve teamed up with Desiree of Dearest Dani to share with you some adorable tees she has!  Not only do these shirts allow me to share my inner twins desire with e but they are so super soft.  I love how e’s shirt is white & mine is black… you know me all black everything. Although today I went for leopard, living on the wild side.  For more great tees, home decor & accessories check outDearest Dani.

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thebestvillan asked:

(( Gluttony XD))

Gluttony: Favorite food

Ooohhhh~! TWINSES! XD *hugs* Any who~

My top two(shhhh) favorite foods are spaghetti and chicken fajitas! Those are the two foods I’m always asking for when I can to have dinner. XD My mom makes some good spaghetti~ And I like it sweet! ^^ Chicken fajitas is my close second! I always end up just shoving it down my throat without chewing, and my mom has to tell me to stop wolfing down my food. XD

roseyler asked:

oh my gosh this is so hard, but i'd say one word that describes me would be optimistic, probably since i tend to (or at least try to aha) look at the positive side of things, and you know, kinda hope for the best <3

omg if i would chose a word for myself, optimistic would be it so AAAAH WE’RE WORD TWINSES!!

compliment: angela please stop okay. STOP BEING SO PERFECT. your theme is so freaking gorgeous, then your url punchs mine to the ground. your icon is just ugh, all the things. *can’t deal babe, you’re just too much, too much*

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