Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson's #TWIL Grammys' Artist Interview

Kelly: Hey @reba - are you ready?!? #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson You bet!!! I’ll let you ask the first question. #TWIL

Kelly: .@reba Okay, here we go…I’m so nervous! I’m not used to being the interviewer. Who are your favorite female artists right now? #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Well, you, of course…and Trisha Yearwood (@TYcom). Who are yours?#TWIL

Kelly: @reba I’ll take it! @TYcom is good company to be in! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba I really dig the sound of @PistolAnnies. And who doesn’t love @LBTmusic? Pontoooooon!!! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson @PistolAnnies @LBTmusic Love them both too!

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Alright, my turn…what is on your list of must read books right now?#TWIL

Kelly: @reba The two I’ve been loving are Discovery of Witches (the book I just gave you!) and Love Does by Bob Goff. #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Good picks! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Let’s talk about your new TV show. What made you want to go back to TV in ABC’s@Malibu_Country#TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson I love everything about sitcoms! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson You get a new script each week, you get to play with very talented & fun people and I get the summer off! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson This concept for @Malibu_Country from @DaveStewart was perfect for me! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba So when can I guest star? :) #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson When we get the script just perfect for you!!! That’ll be a blast! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson You started out on TV…what did you learn most from your@AmericanIdol experience? #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Always try and compete with yourself rater than others. Never stop challenging yourself and trying to grow as an artist. #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Wise words! Always keep learning! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Exactly! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba You’ve constantly reinvented yourself throughout your career. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your 30+ year career? #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson That I didn’t get where I am today by myself. I have God, my family, my friends and my fans to thank for that. #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Amen sister! Speaking of family, what do I need to know about Brandon now that we’re engaged? #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson I think you know all you need to for now! If you knew it all, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun in the future! :)) #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson And speaking of the engagement, since you are going to be my daughter-in-law, I’m singing at the wedding, right?? #TWIL

Kelly: .@reba Obviously! My request is “Let’s Get It On” by Al Green. That’s not awkward, right? :)#TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson We may have to talk about that one later… #TWIL

Kelly: @reba HA! And what about your other race car driving son @shelbilly, have you taken a spin around the racetrack with him yet? #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Are you on CRACK????!!!! NO!!!! And I don’t plan on it!!!! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba I don’t know if I blame you! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson You just released your first Greatest Hits album, and I love it! Didn’t you love singing with Vince Gill?!? #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Singing with Vince Gill was one of the greatest highlights of my career! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba I remember singing along with you and Vince on “The Heart Won’t Lie” when I was younger. #TWIL

Kelly: @reba I can’t believe I got him to sing on my record AND on the CMAs!!! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson That performance was fantastic! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Thank you!!! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba One of my favorite songs (and every Reba fan’s) is “Fancy” - what drew you to that song? #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson It’s that “rags to riches” story I’ve always been drawn to. Also, all the minor chords in the song are so cool to me. #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson And I love performing it live! Do you have a favorite song to perform live? #TWIL

Kelly: @reba “Walkaway”, I love being sassy. I learned that from you! Yeahhhhhh! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson I had so much fun performing that with you back when we toured together! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba It’s just a great song, and the audiences love it. #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson They sure do! Okay, here’s my last question… #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson What advice do you have for young aspiring female musicians? #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Try out for everything, even if it’s the smallest job. #TWIL

Kelly: @reba You never know who you are going to meet and where that could lead. #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Keep yourself open to all opportunities! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba And my last question for you… #TWIL

Kelly: @reba What do you wish you had known 20 years ago that you know now? #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Good question!!! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson That God has a plan for me and it’ll all turn out okay. #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Don’t worry and stress so much. #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson To stop and smell the roses and you go along would have been nice to know back then. #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Great advice…that’s why I love you! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Well, I guess I better shut the computer down - the dogs are wanting my attention!#TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Me too, I’ve gotta get back to work here on the @Malibu_Country set! This was so much fun! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Oh, CONGRATULATIONS on your 4 @theGRAMMYs nominations! I’m so proud for you and can’t wait to see the show in Feb!!! #TWIL

Kelly: @reba Thank you!!! Thank you @TheGRAMMYs and @TwitterMusic for asking us to do this - it was awesome! Talk to y’all later! #TWIL

Reba: @kelly_clarkson Yes thanks @TheGRAMMYs and @TwitterMusic! Bye! #TWIL

Então sejɑ legɑl com Edwɑrd, porque ele vɑi estɑr onde eu estiver”, eu disse com
confiɑnçɑ. ɑ confiɑnçɑ dɑ minhɑ epifâniɑ ɑindɑ erɑ forte.
"Não embɑixo do meu teto", Chɑrlie trovejou.
Eu dei um suspiro profundo. “Olhɑ, eu não vou dɑr mɑis nenhum ultimɑto essɑ noite - ou
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"Bellɑ -"

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