Crappy sad TimexTwilight story thingy inspired from flanoirbunny's fanfiction

Everything changed when that event happened. The event where the two leaders feared the most. Even guarding that secret with their whole life for the sake of their brother, is rendered useless, as it was discovered. The brother we speak of, didn’t show up ever since then.

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Times face cleared up.

“Yeah! We had to go over the river first and then we are on the forest path!”

“What?!”, Twilight chipped in, “I think this would be the correct way.”

The Hero of Time waved aside.

“Ah Twilight just believe me! My instincts never abandoned me before.”

Time grinned confident and went ahead.

“Are you asleep? Just follow me!”

Twilight shook his head and gave his predecessor a sceptical look.

“I wonder how this would end…”, he muttered.


My first attempt to write something in English…I apologize for if it is unprofessional x,D

But I hope you enjoyed anyway :3

A picture a beloved friend and reader of my story draw it for me ♥

Here on Tumblr she is called crystalline-keyblade, so I have only one thing to say to her: Vielen vielen Dank für das tolle Bild! Ich fühle mich einfach nur total geehrt, dass du was zur Story zeichnest und ich werde dranbleiben, dich noch mehr für das Pairing zu begeistern! xD

Events happened:

1. Apparently, I told the story I wrote about Time and Twilight to my co workers, I just feel either they are laughing or disgusted :I

2. Freaking ideas are swarming me right now… But I’m too busy to write and too derp to type (Legend of the Office)

3. I’m still thinking what kind of company Time will have. I had one kind but I don’t know if it fits.

4. I took a picture of one of the fishing ponds where I plan to draw Fi standing over it. The concept is bugging me like crazy these days.

5. Ahhh… Iced tea in Mexican Link tumbler tastes a lot fresh XD

After 3 days without internet

I’m alive! XD I did like, 4 doodles, pertaining to the Hero Trio… And I decided to make a fanfiction about Twilight and Time, I just need an appropriate title, its AU, office based. (And this is ENTIRELY dedicated to Queenie and Feri!) I just wrote some chapters (its like Hyrulian Valhalla style, its like a random story plot but multichapters)

Wow… I just noticed I got productive without internet… But I missed a lot of updates D: