Nicholae Abbot


Nicholae was the traditional bad boy, taken to a whole new level.  He was another original character made for a Twilight list game that burned down around us.  He was made to play with another character, his twin, that were not the nice guy vampires that the Cullen’s were.  His twin sister and he fled Russia after a swath of blood cut through their old lives as they washed the sin from their mortal lives away.  Nick and his sister were closer than any twins, or siblings, should be but they were set free from those standard conventions by their being turned into vampires.  

Becoming vampires was not the beginning of their ruthless cruelty, rather it gave it new life.  Now they were beyond the moral debates set down by others who did not understand their particular relationship. They wrought havoc where ever they traveled and during the course of the game they could be traced through the regions by their particular tastes in blood and lust. They were the epitome of evil, blood thirsty, vampires and they reveled in every minute of it.

The particulars of their unusual relationship was that Nick would literally do anything to keep his sister safe, and to egg her on.  Tempting her to new highs and lows was what made his un-life worth living, and he relished it.  His sister started out a little unhinged and only grew worse through the decades and his manipulation.  The thing that no one except her knew, is that there was literally nothing that would stop him protecting her and keeping her with him.  Death came swiftly to anyone who got too close to her and caught her eye.  The only thing that Nick feared was her wrath, and even then a slightly masochistic tendency of his would be to thrill in it while it was directed at him.  They were played as a permanent couple, bonded in the same way that Edward and Bella were.  They were wonderful to play as the dark side of the coin that the two main characters portrayed. Everything that everyone feared Edward was, Nick really was.  And everything that anyone worried Bella would become, his sister already was.  

Would play him again, but only with the agreement of the person who played his other half. 


This would be our Nicks profile image.  Still a blast to play.

Nathaniel Penn, AKA Nate


This is Nate.  I played him on an old list site about Twilight.  He was one of the normal humans on the reservation with Jake and the rest.  He was best known as being laid back, very tribal and one of the few true outsiders.  He had been created originally as a tie in for another original character on the site, but he soon grew quite a following.  Nothing seemed to surprise Nate, and he was always willing to lend a hand even if it seemed as if he had no idea what was going on.  The truth behind Nate’s unnatural easy-going nature was never revealed during the life span of the site, but he was an amazing character to play none-the-less. 

More on him to come. 

Would love to play this guy again. 


This was his profile pic.  He was still just so much fun. 

More to come.