Les Misérables: A Dream Came True

Yesterday, January 19, 2013, we watched Les Misérables. Good thing we already got our reserved tickets haha! (Proud Girl Scout haha!) I felt sorry for those who wanted to watch the movie but they can’t, the ticket sells like pancakes, sold out already. Everything’s went well as planned umm… Well, except for Jessica being late again hahaha! v^^v but praise God! She made it just in time!

Les Misérables: SOLD OUT

les billets réservés Hihihi

l’affiche du film belle

la chair de poule *goosebumps*

Jes, posant avec le casting :)

Puffy eyes *sniff sniff* can y’all blame me for being such a crybaby? haha!

Avec Jessica, j’ai raté tellement!

Avec Jessica, je l’aime tellement!

Les Heureux, We are all happy!

And why the hell I’m talking in french? Must be the french fries Jes gave me haha! Thanks google! Merci! :)

I just got confused ‘coz I know Gavroche and Eponine were siblings and I’m thinking where the hell’s Azelma? But then again, this is musical not the novel haha! I haven’t seen the musical play yet, shame on me! But I’ve read the book (well that’s another unfinished business of mine haha!) Anyways, the movie was great! hands down to all the cast, production, and Tom Hooper. BRAVO!



Heart full of love. Amanda Seyfried as Cosette 

Most of the netizens don’t like her for the role of Cosette but lemme tell y’all that she’s perfect for that role :) I think she did a great job (and that little girl, little Cosette too!) lovely voice!

Freedom is mine. Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean

24601!!! Hands down to Hugh Jackman. He truly deserve that Best Actor award *slow clap* sorry but I’m speechless.

I am the Law. Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert

Good Job! Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, perfect combination!

I Dreamed a Dream. Anne Hathaway as Fantine

Let me tell you first, I wasn’t convinced then, but when I saw the trailer? Man! She gave me chills and after watching the movie she blew me away and right now, I’m a fan of Anne Hathaway.

Heart Full of Love. Amanda Seyfried as Cosette and Eddie Redmayne as Marius

They are perfect! I fell in love. I was pinching Jes’ right arm and Hon’s left arm the entire “A Heart Full of Love” scene. Eddie Redmayne did a great job! He’s perfect for the Marius role! I love him already. Okay I’m just kidding! Hon’s gonna kill me for sure haha!

Master of the House. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter as The Thénardiers

*slow clap* Effortless acting as usual for Helena, that’s why I love her to bits! Sacha fits the role of Thénardier, funny and annoying haha! 

Superb Cast, Superb Acting, Superb Movie of 2013!

*Character Art Photos from Les Misérables facebook fan page. HIT the LIKE  button if you fell in love with the movie too! and to know more info about the musical movie.

SMJ: Through the Years

Just when I thought I had to make it alone

You were right there by my side

Making a stand holding my hand, the way you do

Then to remind me of a “me and you”

When I’m with you all my fear disappears

Like if I reach I’ll touch the sky

You’ve got my back, pick up my slack when I can’t see

But nothing keeps me up like knowing we’ll be

Friends forever Face whatever

Friends forever yay!

We’re never gonna be apart

You and me we are so oddly the same

The way we think, the way we play

Right from the start, so off the chart, about this thing

But we didn’t know at first that we were making

Friends forever Bond together

Friends forever yeah!

We’ll always be there

Oh yes there also can be times that get rough

And all that can be said is “sorry”

That we were wrong and said some meaningless stuff

And we’ll go on together through any nasty weather yeah!

Friends forever Friends forever

Bond together Friends forever

Friends forever Friends forever

Bond together Friends forever

Face whatever Friends forever

Bond together

— Friends Forever by Puffy AmiYumi

January 15, 1999 a group called SMJ 11was formed. It’s an all girl group composed of eleven talented beauties *cough*

Today, January 15, 2013 they are celebrating their 14th Anniversary, 14 years of lies and back stabbing JUST KIDDING! hahaha! v(^.^)v


There’s no perfect relationship really, there’s only unconditional love, unconditional friendship. You can puke all you want or say what you want I DON’T REALLY CARE! I’m one proud member, one proud friend and one proud sister.


To my SMJ family, cheers to 14 years of friendship!


SMJ means S e c r e t … NO CLUE! :P



Hi guys! this is my friend, Jessica. I’m helping her to cast more “likes” on her photo entry (facebook), I want her to win so please, please if you have a facebook account, kindly click this photo (link) and like her entry :) Super Thanks! :)


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

watched HP part 2 last Saturday (July 16, 2011) with My Honey & Awesome Friends with my cutie godson, Baste. I can’t believe that its finally over but, this is not the end :) for i will always cherish them here in my heart, ALWAYS :) 

Job Well Done Dumbledore’s Army!

Thank You Jessica!

Thank You Jessica for the chocolate! that’s really sweet of you, kahit ang weird ng lasa hahahahaha! “It’s the THOUGHT that counts" right? and ang cool ng brand, "DARK ORANGE" parang it was made especially for me :) thank you so much my friend! looking forward sa next gimmick/chickahan natin :) i love & miss you so much! xoxo, Orange "dark orange" LOL


Spent the last day of 2012 with my good friends, Joan & Jessica. Went to Quezon City Memorial Circle to jog, walk, run, ride a bike, eat taho, dance, laugh, camwhore, bond (It’s Jho’s last day also for she’s going back to Singapore on the 1st day of January 2013), eat, eat, and eat some more hahaha! (Thanks Jessica for the food! how thoughtful of you (She prepared our food, cooked some spam & rice) Happy Tummy! hahaha!

We all had fun. We laughed. We (they) burnt some fats. It was a great day, a great way to end the year. Thank You 2012! and H e l l o   2 0 1 3 ! :)

Quezon City Memorial Circle

Waiting for Thumbelina :)

Good Morning Sunshine! Good Morning Circle! :)




Choudenshi Bioman! hahaha!

With My girls, Jes & Jho :)

Call us maybe?! :)

3 Little Pigs :3

Hello Kitty Mansions (=^.^=)