• me:*plans story in head*
  • me:*knows every single plot twist to happen*
  • me:*plans update schedule and chapter lengths*
  • me:*knows what the five sequels will be about*
  • me:*writes down first sentence*
  • me:shit I give up

"You’re impossibly fast and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your clothes change color whenever you’re away from home…and sometimes you speak like…like you’re kind of French. You drink champagne out of a weird silver cup. You don’t go out in warm weather…I know what you are…"

"Say it. Out loud. Say it."

"…a Hockey player."

request: Rose & Jasper

Had a request to do a little drabble of Rose/Jasper interaction. I guess this would take place shortly before Bella visits the Cullen house for the first time.

“Want me to ease the tension?”

“No,” Rosalie said. “It’s not going to help. Feeling better about it doesn’t change what is happening.”

Jasper leaned against the doorframe of the garage, arms crossed over his chest.  “Need me to hand you a wrench or anything?”

“What I need,” Rosalie grumbled as she tinkered with the innards of Emmett’s jeep, “is for Edward and your wife to stop treating me like a pariah because I’m not head-over-heels in love with Edward’s little human.”

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Hi there! Do you love fanfiction? Yes? Good!. We’re passionate about it too. We want to understand it better, in a literary sort of way. If you have about 10-15 minutes to spare, speak English, are at least 13 years old, and want to help us do just that, go ahead and click here to answer a survey about reading and/or writing fanfiction. We’d be super duper grateful (but are legally required to say you won’t get paid).


Bella stepped closer still, in slow graceful movements, careful not to make a sound on the creaking floorboards beneath her. Edward’s face was angelic as he slept. There was something at once masculine and feminine, adult and childlike about him. Did he really have no idea how exquisite he was? Did he not notice Jessica and Lauren and the other girls at school eyeing him with appreciation? If he only knew their thoughts about him! Bella froze as Edward sighed in his sleep, reaching for the sheet and covering himself back up with it. Perhaps she was taking this too far, she thought. She wanted to go further still. She wanted to touch him, but knew it was impossible. He would awaken, recoiling in horror from her icy touch.

She looked at her angel as he slept. Her angel. She had no claim on him. He was everything she wanted, and nothing she deserved. How could a good and decent human like Edward Cullen love an undead, murderous monster like Bella? In her view of time, he was just a child. Only 17 years old. Bella was 125 years his senior. Still, she wanted nothing more than to cradle him in her frozen arms. In some dark corner of her mind she knew it would either be love or death for him. With whatever tiny shred of goodness and humanity left in her, she hoped for love.


I pulled out a shiny nickel and placed it on his desk. “Sorry for spilling on your pants.” I reached in and pulled out another nickel. “Sorry for not meeting your standards today. Waitress school was a real bitch.” And another. “Sorry you are a pretentious ass, who for some reason thinks that he can yell at people and make them a jittery mess when all they’re trying to do is make a living because not everyone in this world can afford to buy eight thousand dollar suits or drink four thousand dollar bottles of wine. Some of us scrape by, having to watch every penny and nickel.”


So today I went to go see How To Train Your Dragon 2 and BY GOD THAT MOVIE WAS AMAZING LIKE I JUST COULDN’T HANDLE HOW GOOD IT WAS!!!!1!!!11 Guys, I freakin’ cried after the movie was over. I think some of you know that I want to become an animator for my career and work for Pixar or Dreamworks or Laika or Disney, but… have you guys ever saw something and felt it so deeply in your bones that it almost aches and you’re just like “Jeez I have to do that. I NEED to do that.” That’s what I feel about animating. And seeing HTTYD 2 really kinda multiplied that to a ridiculous amount. I had feels. ;_;

Okay but enough feel talk. Believe it or not me mentioning that fantastic movie actually has a purpose. It inspired me to draw some more! C: Once again for the RariTwi AU we’ve playing around with, and this time it’s more of a…. a scene? I guess?

What I did was do a very quick and messy sketchdump of incomplete Twilight doodles as she’s training/working out (mostly I wanted to sorta practice a litte bit of motion) for the second image, and for the second image it’s of Rarity and Fluttershy watching Twi during her training. The very first image is me reuploading that sketch of AU Twi to remind you guys of her body build in this universe.

So what’s basically happening is Twilight is working her ass off as she works out (it can be by herself or with other soldiers as they perform drills, up to you guys), and Shy and Rarebear are simply watching them, but mainnly Twi. Needless to say, they’re diggin’ what they’re seeing (hell, even Shy’s checkin’ her out xD). Rarity may need to cool it down though. Like, excuse you, Rare, contain yourself. :/

Oh! And I didn’t think it’d be important to mention, but I’ll say it anyway. Rarity’s pupils are so big because they’re actually dilated. You guys know what that means. ;D

OKAY but yeah. Another scene thingy for you guys to play with if you choose to make a drabble for it. And uh… I guess that’s it for this one. Feel free to ask questions if you have any, and thanks for tolerating my insanity! 8D


“I bid you welcome, Master Aro, to my house.”

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine, Your Illustriousness! What a simply marvelous old castle! Alas, I do not get out of my own fortress much these days.”

“Please, do come in.”

Aro grinned at his host and stepped inside, the door closing behind him as if on its own. “Marvelous,” he whispered.

His host’s long, black cape dragged behind him as he made his way deeper into the castle. “I suppose you must be wondering why I asked you here.”

“I must admit,” Aro began, “I am not used to being summoned. I tend to do the summoning these days.”

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Hi there! Do you love fanfiction? Yes? Good!. We’re passionate about it too. We want to understand it better, in a literary sort of way. If you have about 10-15 minutes to spare, speak English, are at least 13 years old, and want to help us do just that, go ahead and click here to answer a survey about reading and/or writing fanfiction. We’d be super duper grateful (but are legally required to say you won’t get paid).


In the year it’s taken me to draw this game, I’ve gotten a lot better at it. Funny how drawing HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of ponies will do that!

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On Writing Fantasy


In one sense, every story that is made up, or imaginary, is a fantasy, and a hundred years ago, if a writer were discussing fantasy, he would have used the term fantasy that way.

Today, when discussing fantasy as a literary genre, we more often are discussing a branch of literature that offers some strangeness as a primary draw, such as a strangeness in the setting for the story (such as imaginary places or magic systems), or perhaps in the characters that inhabit our own world—vampires and supermen.

Some people consider science fiction to be a subset of fantasy, though it can be quite different. Science fiction is most often a literature that deals with speculation about the future, and to some degree might even be predictive of the future in a way that fantasy is not.

The editor Donald A. Wollheim once suggested that bookstores create a section called “Wonder literature” that would include stories meant to arouse a powerful sense of wonder. Science fiction and fantasy would thus be sold together under his model. I rather prefer this. You see, we tend to categorize books nowadays by the primary emotions that they elicit—humor, romance, horror, thrillers, and so on. Wonder literature makes sense, though there are those who recognize that horror is often closely aligned to fantasy. After all, the strange is often terrifying as well as wondrous.

Some of the big players in the fantasy genre include people like Homer, Shakespeare, and Dickens. Most of the bestselling books of all time are fantasies—things like Harry Potter, Twilight, or the The Alchemist.


In fact, I’m going to make a prediction: eight of the ten top-grossing films this year will be fantasy or science fiction. I’m pretty safe in making that bet: it’s been true every year for the past 20 years.

Yet many folks don’t recognize how important fantasy is in our lives.

I grew to love fantasy as a child, sitting on my mother’s knee, as she told me bedtime stories like “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Hansel and Gretel.” I don’t think that I recognized that animated stories—cartoons like Bugs Bunny or movies like Peter Pan—were roughly the equivalent of those bedtime stories.

Yet fantasy permeates society and my love for it blossomed as a child—from bedtime stories to cartoon, from cartoons to comics and fables and myth, from myth to more contemporary fantasies in the form of novels.

So what is fantasy for? What good is it?

Quite simply, fantasy is what we as storytellers use to hold the attention of our audience as we prepare to tell them something important.

Whenever something strange is introduced in a story, it grabs the attention of the audience. Whether we speak of a haunted house, or bring out a ghost, or have a character sucked back in time as we introduce a strange conflict, that grabs the reader’s attention, but quite often the story carries lessons that are of more value than mere entertainment.

In Homer’s The Odyssey, we learn about the need for courage to face the future, but we also learn about the duties that soldiers owe to brothers, and the ethics of how one should entertain strangers in our own homes, and so on.

In the same way, fantasy today carries lessons for life. I have a theory about fantasy. I suspect that the human brain is incapable of storing most of the information that we need to know in order to really understand the world. So very often, ancient history gets stored under the guise of fable.


Let me see if I can explain it more clearly. Take an incident from your own family history, something far in the past, and try to examine what you really know about it. The truth is, you probably don’t know anything—just the fable.

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Grandpa Cullen

“Um, there’s some old dude pacing in the hallway outside your office.”

Carlisle glanced up from the medical journal he was reviewing. “What?” He listened carefully—no footsteps, no heartbeat.

“I’m serious,” Emmett said, “come take a look.”

Carlisle rose from his chair and Edward and Esme followed, preparing themselves for some sort of ridiculous Emmett-style prank. They were shocked when there was indeed an old man in the hallway.

The figure glared at Carlisle a moment before finally speaking. “How do you even manage to have this,” he gestured to the cross, “in your possession, blood-drinker?”

“It is nice to see you again too, Father. How have you been?”

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