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i don’t know what’s wrong, but gosh i hope she’ll be alright?? pet health troubles are some of the scariest things in the whole wide world :(

Oh, I don’t know either. She’s been so fragile all day. And usually she’s a hyper and active cat with an insatiable appetite for food and petting, but today she’s slow, docile, silent, and has had no appetite whatsoever. She’s barely drank water today. It was all overnight and I’m so scared.
But thank you Lauren! You’re the best. I’ll be sure to catch you up on everything Thursday in person. 

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i feel like i should be bothered by juju posting this information on the internet but i don’t even care. feel better babe :( exercise can help a lot if you have the time!

nothing to be concerned about, it’s natural! this is like my third period post or something idk lol

thank you!! i’ll keep that in mind. i just took some ibuprofen so that should help too