anonymous said:

Who do you ship with the mane six members?

Oh my, a shipping question! I’m so glad you asked. I’ll list them in order of my obsession.

#1 - Cheesepie (Pinkie Pie X Cheese Sandwich)



How do you not ship these two? It’s so cute! A pair of party planners, what could be more perfect?

I instantly started shipping Cheesepie right after I saw Pinkie Pride for the first time. I couldn’t resist!

#2 - Flashlight (Twilight Sparkle X Flash Sentry)


I ship it because I haven’t found anyone else that’s a good enough love interest for Twilight.

Plus, Flash is a cutie booty.

#3 - Soarindash (Rainbow Dash X Soarin’)


Bluepones <3

I dunno, I just always found these two adorable together. Cuteee.

#4 - Bulkshy (Fluttershy X Bulk Biceps)


Honestly, I wouldn’t have even thought about shipping these two until Rainbow Falls aired. They get along so well, and they’re just adorable together! Weak pone X strong pone.

#5 - Applejack (Applejack X Apple)


According to the mlp facebook page, it’s canon.

#6 - Rari? (Rarity X ?)


Poor Rarity. I don’t ship her with anypony!

I haven’t found anyone in the show that I think looks cute with her! Maybe next season, Rares.

BONUS: Dislestia (Discord X Celestia)


Dislestia is my OTP. My main ship. My favorite mlp ship ever. Discord is (and forever will be) my favorite character of the show, and Celestia is my favorite Princess. They look so cute together and aauugghhh >///<

Chaos + Harmony = Balance

Equality. Peace. It’s just. Shipfeels. OTPx10000

Flash Sentry Returns!

I was so freaking happy when I saw him step out of that train. Think I just about jizzed myself when I noticed his shy glance (likely at Twilight) right before he went back in. TwiFlash has a chance and I’m so freaking happy.

Possible Twilight  were the best princess of friendship …. but not her children …



lol I named it in honor of the hero of the game “God of War”.

Flash’s son and Twilight. One of the best warriors, but with bad character. Even as a child, when he and his mother fly to Philadelphia, he managed to win his first dragon, for which he received his mark. Unfortunately, due to this cruel and aggressive character, Twilight would not trust him to run even a small part of Equestria. Naturally one constant argued with parents, and in the long run with them is not particularly in contact more. Only one a positive to whom he refers, was the sister of Zira, although her ​​other father (!).


Zira Star

Daughter Comet Tail and Twilight. 

Unknown when they had come together together, possibly with Flash’s lack of debt. 

How would Twilight tried, daughter does not like to read books. It was more drawn Outland itself Ponyville, Equestria itself … but alas, this did not really happen. Twilight wonderfully found Zira, and one day she still got into trouble, as evidenced by scar on the label. Zira unemotional, almost like Daria. Her dream is still the freedom.