Color Porn
↪ Allison Argent - Artemis

Lovely Goddess of the bow!
Lovely Goddess of the arrows!
Of all hounds and of all hunting
Thou who wakest in starry heaven
When the sun is sunk in slumber
Thou with moon upon they forehead,
Who the chase by night preferrest
Unto hunting in the daylight,
With thy nymphs unto the music
Of the horn-thyself the huntress,
And most powerful: I pray thee
Think, although but for an instant,
Upon us who pray unto thee!

It’s that time of the year…

So i decided to do my first follow forever. YAY. Since i’m no good with words i’ve sketched some of my fav ppl. And if u hover over ur name there r some more nice things.

(i’m so sorry)

Idiots that make everything better: (hover)

brittany, sarah, amanda, natalie, rogue, allie.

Idiots that i love and may have talked to a few times: (hover)

christian, jessa, chi.

Idiots that i admire from afar/that are too cool for me: (hover)

tyler, maddison.

Idiots that i was too lazy to draw/don’t talk to as much but i still love: (hover)

izzy, charlie, joão, allie, monica, chloe,

Idiots that u should follow cuz their blog is amazing: (hover)