Drabble 1 (SolAngelo)

High School AU Starring!

(1) Corny pick-up lines
(2) Cheese
(3) Flirting

Cheesy Wooing

He walked by him at least twenty-seven times in the hallways, caught a glimpse of him at least forty-two times during class, and outright stared at him five times everyday (whenever he had his back turned or had his earphones on and was reading a book about medieval times).

Will knew it was pathetic.

But that didn’t mean he could stop.

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Summary: A collection of modern one-shots for Bellamy and Clarke’s first meeting, based on requested prompts from

For heiliofthehundred

Chapter 1: Three’s Company - “Alright listen here buddy, I’m your neighbor and I get that us twenty-somethings are supposed to stick together, but I swear to God if I hear the theme song to that show one more time I will shove the entirety of Netflix up your ass. It’s been twenty-seven hours, have you even showered?”

Notes: Thank you for introducing me to this awesome tumblr!! there were so many fun prompts on there, I picked three after much debate. I’m also challenging myself to keep them somewhat drabble-length haha, let’s see how long that lasts. Hope you enjoy!!

anonymous asked:

Do you ever get so pumped up because you're in a giant fandom and the ship between two conventionally attractive guys has 5000+ docs and you're like, my ship between my two darling ladies should have at least a hundred. There are twenty three stories and seven of them are male fantasies. I just??? Its a stupid this to be upset about but I've had a long day so I'm letting it be upsetting

I feel this so much anon I’m here for u

“Bloody plants...”

“Bloody six, Slyvari are weird but the ones who belong to the Nightmare are even more odd and weird then my younger brother for sixes sake. I presided over the case of a Nightmare Slyvari named Mordreith, guilty of assault. I could tell he was Nightmare by the way he acted, similar to how the ones in Brisbane acted. But no proof, couldn’t hang or fire team the weed. HQ would have had my rank, bloody shitty protocol. To top it off, the twit somehow snuck into a full Tavern in Ossan, left a barrel full of gunpowder in the basement and three half plant half mechanical bombs. He disarmed them, along with two specialist nearby we were able to bring in. I need to find out if the Sun has any owner still, inform them and perhaps have them put bouncers up twenty four seven, or for opening hours at least.”

“I have a bad feeling about this still, bombs removed, Slyvari given to the Wardens to be dealt with. He whispered to us, about nightmares, if more are coming we better prepare. Sixes sake, I still need submit paperwork about that bull, tribunal record, Seraph report…six…I need a drink..”

pre-my chemical romance:

Geoff: It’s funny because I remember meeting Gerard’s brother Mikey a bunch first, and Mikey was sort of the social butterfly at the time.

Gerard: I actually wasn’t social at all. I was just hanging out in the fucking dark making comics. I grew up without sunlight. We lived in a basement and there was this little sliver of sunlight that would wake me up, like just a crack, and I would reach to it sometimes [laughs]. Oh man.

Okay but do you know what I really, really love about Rebecca Sugar? Do you know why she’s my freakin’ inspiration?

  • she is twenty seven years old. TWENTY SEVEN. AND LOOK WHAT SHE HAS DONE
  • she’s one of the creative minds behind a hit television show that has positive messages and cute animation and real-life relatable situations / characters LIKE SHE DOES SO MUCH FOR IT SHE’S THE CREATOR, THE EXEC PRODUCER, A WRITER, A STORYBOARDER AND A FREAKIN’ SONGWRITER. this woman is a quintuple threat.
  • her work on Adventure Time got two emmy nominations and a Annie award nomination
  • once upon a time she was a nerd like me and you writing Invader Zim fanfiction and shit like that.
  • she drew album art for a hit singer
  • she was a storyboard artist for the 2012 movie Hotel Transylvania; that is a big step considering the film is made by Sony which is a hella big corporation and she started with Cartoon Network

So for a fifteen year old aspiring screenwriter, you can see why I love her.


#027 Never Never Land
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