Fights were never easy and sometimes, you just needed a little bit of comfort, even if it was something small, like sweet latte art.

6/10 of the 1k follower series
Pairing: Murasakibara x Reader (female)
Rating: K
Word Count: 1078

                 for knb-hq-scenarios who is the cutest thing in the world

Murasakibara never thought much of it but his presence in your life became somewhat of a routine. It wasn’t as if he chatted with you twenty four-seven but you shared a few hi’s here and there and acknowledgements whenever you pass by each other in the streets. He worked as a barista and you were a constant customer who ordered the same latte every time you came around. You were sweet to a certain extent, always polite, and one time, you even helped him out when a customer was being difficult.

Perhaps he was growing fond of you, much too fond for his liking. Perhaps it was merely his imagination.

He hoped it was because he wasn’t planning on falling for someone with a boyfriend anytime soon.

You were attached by the hip with your boyfriend. He was awesome and funny but he wasn’t anything special. Of course, the fact that you’ve been going out for a few months now only encouraged people to think otherwise. You knew that he probably wasn’t the one but he felt safe at that moment. He was a good man and you liked him.

Murasakibara worked at the counter, handling cashier duties but he was more often assigned to coffee. He was the best coffeemaker in the store after all and he was pretty skilled in making latte art as well. His eyes often found you amidst in the crowd. You were wrapped in his arms, laughing to whatever he was saying. During these days, Murasakibara felt a twinge of jealousy in his heart.

However, one day, as he stood there in front of the cashier, he noticed that your eyes were red and puffy. He wanted to ask you why you were crying but he felt bad. After taking your money and giving you your change, he decided that he should be making your coffee and switched with his friend.

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/Modern AU, closed RP/

It was for the money, he told himself as he waited to be called into the office. Apparently the CEO of a big company had asked his agency for one of their best models for an advertising campaign and the agency had sent Maedhros. At twenty-seven years old, he was in his prime- his skin was slightly tanned though also covered in freckles, and his red hair and green eyes had given him a certain “attractiveness” (or so people had told him). 

But Maedhros liked to do research and he had found out about who the CEO of the company was. Someone he had used to know, someone he hadn’t seen in a long time. Not since he’d walked away from him all those years ago… he was broken out of his thoughts by a secretary informing him that he could go and see the CEO now.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed open the door to enter the office.


ZelAme Week 2015

So how many of you are up for another Zelame week this year? Last year we had twenty-seven fanworks from nine different participants, and at the time we only had sixty followers.

Currently we have one hundred and sixty-seven followers, so I’m confident we may be able to bring in even more participants this time around! 

I’ll do a poll soon with a lineup of dates to choose from. Last year it was June 4-10th, and I imagine we’ll go for early summer again, but we’ll see! 

You can see all of last year’s posts HERE.

yangarangxl replied to your post: After 27 years I finally watched the o…


I CAN’T I CAN’T EXPLAIN MYSELF. I could say my family wasn’t into scifi but like THAT ONLY EXPLAINS MAYBE 15 YEARS OF NOT SEEING IT. I DON’T KNOW. It’s done and fixed now though, I am so sorry I’ve disappointed you my friend.

twenty fucking seven is my number like do you just have a number you connect w? 27 is that number for me. i s2g the government is watching me

Okay but do you know what I really, really love about Rebecca Sugar? Do you know why she’s my freakin’ inspiration?

  • she is twenty seven years old. TWENTY SEVEN. AND LOOK WHAT SHE HAS DONE
  • she’s one of the creative minds behind a hit television show that has positive messages and cute animation and real-life relatable situations / characters LIKE SHE DOES SO MUCH FOR IT SHE’S THE CREATOR, THE EXEC PRODUCER, A WRITER, A STORYBOARDER AND A FREAKIN’ SONGWRITER. this woman is a quintuple threat.
  • her work on Adventure Time got two emmy nominations and a Annie award nomination
  • once upon a time she was a nerd like me and you writing Invader Zim fanfiction and shit like that.
  • she drew album art for a hit singer
  • she was a storyboard artist for the 2012 movie Hotel Transylvania; that is a big step considering the film is made by Sony which is a hella big corporation and she started with Cartoon Network

So for a fifteen year old aspiring screenwriter, you can see why I love her.


Alright guys! We need your help! We NEED all of you to re blog this video! If we can get enough re blogs Maybe the guys in One Direction will watch this! Its our mash up cover of “What makes you beautiful” and “One thing”, you guys are all awesome and so supportive and we love you for that. LETS GET ONE DIRECTION TO SEE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!


“One Thing Makes You Beautiful”

oh sweet jesus, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Mashup of What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing 

I mean, the singer is the love child of Ziam…


One Thing & WMYB 


cutest cover ever. 50’s a capella. (: