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  • Who cried when they brought their child home for the first time: Robb
  • Who would wake up in the middle of the night to check on the kid(s): Probably Robb, but Lana would do it too.
  • Who changes the kid(s) diapers: Both, but Robb would do it reluctantly.
  • Who makes the bottles: Lana
  • Who stays up late at night to rock the kid(s) to sleep and sing them lullabys: ROBB
  • Who is guilty of spoiling the kid(s): Robb
  • Who would give the kid(s) cookies in the middle of the night: Robb
  • Who always takes the kid(s) side: Lana
  • Who would wake up early to make breakfast for the kid(s) before school: Lana
  • Who gets the kid(s) ready for school in the morning: Both
  • Who takes the kid(s) to school: Robb
  • Who goes to parent teacher conferences: Both
  • Who will be the first to suggest to have ‘the talk’ with the kid(s): Definitely Robb
  • Who would choose their child(s) prom outfit: Bahaha, neither. Their children would be too independent and would rather die before letting either of them choose their clothes.
  • Who would cry when the kid(s) go off to college: Lana
It's Nice to Finally Tweet You

Title: It’s Nice to Finally Tweet You

Author: Pendragons Dragonlord (AO3)

Fandom: Merlin

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: ~15k

Summary: Merlin’s eyes scan the headline. Arthur Pendragon reveals mark in attempt to find the one. “I pity the guy who’s unfortunate enough to get him as a soul mate.” In which Arthur is a famous celebrity, Merlin is a beloved teacher, and they break Twitter once. Well, twice. Okay so it’s a whole bunch of times actually but it’s not their fault. Really it’s not.

The nitty gritty: First thing to remember: It’s more of a modern au. Anyone with a birthmark that matches someone else’s automatically means the two are meant to be~ That said, onward.

One fun romp of a read. A sweet, fun little merthur fic with a side helping of MorganaxLeon and LancexGwen. And kiddies. And Gwaine. Also, Uther using Twitter. That merits mentioning.

Last night 3 of our 3 covered shows made the Nielsen Twitter TV Top 5: #TheBachelorette #DWTS #TheVoice

For tonight, Wed May 20, Sidecastr’s social DJs curate the best comments from the live tweet stream for:
  • Modern Family: ’American Skyper’ (ABC, 9:00p ET) #modernfamily, DJ’d by @alijen
  • Black-ish: ’Pops’ Pops’ Pops’ (ABC, 9:31p ET) #blackishABC, DJ’d by @pthalocyanine

Last night’s recap:

  • DJ @ThisJessicaRae chose 350 tweets for #TheBachelorette (~6/min), which Nielsen ranked #4 in tweets with 80K from 43K authors!
  • DJ @alijen chose 1322 tweets for #DWTS (~12/min), which Nielsen ranked #2 in tweets with 206K from 57K authors!
  • DJ @pthalocyanine chose 876 tweets for #TheVoice (~8/min), which Nielsen ranked #3 in tweets with 201K from 97K authors!

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