More productivity with twitter (and facebook) - part 4: RSS feeds and more tools

RSS and atom feeds

Nowadays twitter has hidden RSS-links from its portal, but they are still working. You can use the twitter RSS feed generator of Sociable to construct them or do it yourself. It is very easy. I give some examples:<search term>
(or<search term>) makes a feed of tweet containing the mentioned search term. Some examples: makes a feed of tweets containing hashtag #cpd23 makes a feed of tweets containing “radoveden” or sent by user @radoveden.

(note: if your browser or so has problems with the # character, just replace is by %23)<twitter user>.rss makes a feed with the favorites the mentioned user. For instance: produces a feed with the favorites of twitter user @radoveden.

And very interesting but a little bit more difficult:<id>.rss makes a feed of the time line of the twitter user with twitter id <id>. The twitter id is unique to each Twitter account.  On sites like, you can easily find your, or someone else’s id. 

So, using this my id, you can make a feed of my time-line with

Other twitter tools

There are many twitter analysis tools. Take for instance a look at the article “Top Twitter Analytics Tools” on the ReadWriteWeb site.

The archivist is a nice archive and analysis tool. It offers the possibility to archive tweets on your computer, structured around searches. As a matter of fact, there is a downloadable version of this tool and an on line version. Only the downloaded tool can save tweets to your computer. This has all to do  with the twitter rules, I wrote about in my previous post.

First you do a search, using Twitter’s own search syntax (from:yourusername, for example, see my previous post for details). It will then return a list of matching tweets (maximum of 500). You can then save that search on your computer (which you can update later on).

The on line version, on the other hand renders more analytical graphs.

TweepsMap is a nice little tool putting your twitter followers on a map.

I tried tweetreach with search term #cpd23 and it showed me -amidst other information - a list with of the cpd23 twitter champions:

Tweetreach is funny to play with, also because it is one of those tools asking no registration or access to twitter in any way.

Twit Cleaner is maybe interesting to do a little check-up and clean-up of users you follow. 

Yfrog and TwitPic allow you to upload pictures and they make automatically a twitter link. TwitPic even allows uploads of video (as long it is shorter as 90 seconds), but Yfrog has the best interface. It shows nearly your twitter homepage. So you can start twittering right away. If you are interested in that kind of stuff, take maybe a look to this older article of mashable. Personally I never exchanged photos using twitter, but it always can happen. Anyhow I tested both and they work very well.

joint makes it easy to remember and follow hashtags. It is also handy for people like me, who often forget to mention the hashtag while replying. You can also open an instant private chat-room while you are following the hashtag stream.

This brings me to….

tools I want to mention, but didn’t try out

There are many tools around twitter offering chat applications. Savor Chat is a group chat application also for facebook users. An alternative is Convore. With you can even video chat with your friends. I just mention them, but I never tried out these tools. I even wonder their usefulness, there are so many chat possibilities outside the twitter and facebook world. Chat is one of oldest applications of the popular internet.

I guess it more interesting to know your twitter followers, but I didn’t try this neither. The simple reason for that is I haven’t enough followers.

More interesting looking tools, I didn’t try out, are wefollow (a twitter directory and search with some possibility to try out without subscription), (which promises to send your message from everywhere to everywhere, I think I really don’t need this kind of stuff), cotweet and GroupTweet.

Refynr selects tweets you really want to read based on two lists: one with subjects you are interested in and one with things you really don’t want to read about. Formulists can also help to organise interesting tweets (see this blogpost of Phil Bradley about it)

TweetCaster must be a very handy client for android (I read about it in this post of cpd23 participant library quine).

And to end for now

A tool it tried out is Faveous collecting links from Google Reader, facebook, twitter, YouTube, tumblr etc. It sounded promising, but the result was very disappointing in my eyes. I wanted to unsubscribe but that was impossible, so I deleted my sources in it and revoked my permissions in twitter.

The chat tools Instantbird en meebo offer also the possibility to work with tweets. We’ll discuss them on another occasion.

In my following (and last) post around twitter, I’ll tell which tool I use (or hope to use) in practice, and some other stuff, but no new tools any more :) Otherwise I get the impression I’m writing “23 things around twitter”.

TweepsMap, de donde vienen tus seguidores en twitter

TweepsMap, de donde vienen tus seguidores en twitter

TweepsMap ¿De dónde vienen tu seguidores en twitter?

TweepsMap es otra potente herramienta de SocialMedia e incluso de tuiteros que tienen curiosidad por saber de donde vienen tus seguidores. Como te presentara anteriormente SocialBakers, SharedCount y AgoraPulse hoy te traigo esta herramienta.

TweepsMap, herramienta para saber de dónde vienen tus seguidores

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