there NEEEDS to be a gif of tweeder in varsity blues sayin’ girls are panty droppers.

"Can you listen to me? All right, bitches are all just panty droppers, ya understand? that’s it. Listen, you give them a percocet, two vicodin, and a couple of beers and the panty drops. VEry NiicCEss!… IT’S NIICCCEEss!"

"Do you think you’ll enjoy prison?"

"I don’t know. what?"

10 for 10 twitter favorites (updated)


Lmao my mom was singing lotus flower bomb and she said lotus butterfly. Get it together

Shake that ass like a donkey with Parkinson’s

has Beyonce ever brought out Kelly and Michelle as a surprise guest? that would be the most hilarious shit ever. the fans would boo

RT @StFuTwEEtin It never went down RT @ImFuckinDopestill waiting for us to meet him in the trap. RT @fuckliu: What happ to Yung Joc

someone texted me “are you dead” and i replied “yes”

 When eating flaming young and sipping peanut greasyo my favorite jonra of music to listen to is classical

 Shout out to them fat bitches who get hungry after rubbing fruit scented lotion on

Man A’s colored Benz, I push miracle whips

THAT’S IT??? RT @funkmasterflex: Jerry Sandusky May Face 460 Years In Penn State Scandal 

when class was over my psychology prof said we are going to learn about S.E.X on Monday and this kid says “okay what does that stands for?

Our ancestors couldn’t swim so you know they weren’t waiting in any ocean RT @brunzilla ”waiiitttt in the waterrrrr”

I really want to tweet at Penny Dreadful a picture of my Victor cosplay…. but im chicken shit and im not sure how cool that is on twitter (I have a vague understanding about how it works but have no idea if there is underlying twitter etiquette, because I’m sure it exists)  


+ Nyera

A false smile spreads across
her lips. She bats her lashes,
eying the girl before her. She
wasn’t going to lash out. She
was saving the…fun stuff, for
later. Her tone is layered in
an almost too sweet tone, but
it’s bound to get the point across.

Hi there! A little…tweedy bird,
told me you had a thing for my