So for my birthday this year, my best bud (who I somehow didn’t get a picture with on mine or my man’s camera - sad face) bought me a ticket to Saturday’s Fan Expo here in our beautiful (but very rainy) city of Vancouver!

It was so epic!! These are the photos Eric took, I have some on my phone which I might end up posting later, but his turned out much nicer than mine… 

I ran into a lot of friends and old coworkers from previous jobs. Oh and not to mention Morena Baccarin was cruising around the aisles. I would have attempted a picture, but I was so stunned to see her in real life haha! It was awesome!

We took a break midway through our visit and my wonderful fiancé bought us my birthday lunch which was delicious!

I GOT A PINKIE PIE HAT! Calgary Cosplay was there (Jessica Rabbit pic) and I saw all her pony hats and just about went nuts haha! I’ve never really known what to do about my lack of Pinkie Pie looking hair and often just wear the big pie bow with party ribbons and cupcakes I made but when I found this hat… EEEE!! I was a little excited! Ha ha! Really completes the look I think! ^_^

There weren’t too many other ponies, but I did run into several Rainbow Dash, an Apple Jack, a Twilight Sparkle and one other Pinkie Pie! Yay!

I was so touched by the few really wonderful people that asked to have pictures taken with me! It was so cute and really made my day!

Over all it was a really wonderful experience and I really look forward to next year! I think I will try to attend two out of the three days next time! There was just so much to see that I feel like an extra day might have been perfect haha! 

Thanks so much to my buddy Noodles and my awesome man for making my day extra special! I love you guys!! ♥♥♥♥


I attended to Schoolism Workshop with Nathan Fowkes and Stephen Silver this last weekend. It was so inspiring and educational! I feel I took so much away from it and I can’t wait to start putting what I’ve learned to good use!

The highlight for me was having the opportunity to meet Stephen Silver who has been a huge inspiration to me over the years. I feel so lucky right now!

Thank you so much to Schoolism for giving us all such an amazing opportunity and to Nathan Fowkes and Stephen Silver for being two epic, inspiring artist who shared so much wisdom with all of us!

New art! So I’ve finally gotten around to finishing my Sugar Rush character for that weekly illustration from forever and a day ago!

Basically I love frozen blueberries above all other yummy treats so I figured instead of doing something artificially sweet I would do that instead!

I like how the sweatshirt turned out! I was thinking sort of Jack Frost style since I LOVE his sweatshirt! I also like how droopy the berry is. It reminds me of this awesome hat my Oma made for me when I was a kid. Good times! ^_^


So this is the final product of the LiveStream sessions I’ve been doing between Tuesday and Wednesday. I had a lot of fun with this one! I’m looking forward to doing more in this style. It took me a little longer than normal since I spent a lot of extra time working out ways to do the fur, but overall I’m pleased with how it turned out.

I spent about 14 hours on this one in Photoshop from start to finish.

image and character © 2013 - CAPearson aka TweakFox