Hellatus Rewatch 2015: Season 2 Episode 1 - What Lies Ahead

If season 1 introduced us to the After, Team Atlanta, and their inter-personal struggles and relationships, season 2 find Team Atlanta learning to be Team Family. When Sophia disappears, lines are drawn and everyone begins choosing sides. Carol especially has some male protectors, unlike her Before. Dale ‘pantomimes’ to ensure Carol doesn’t have to face leaving Sophia out in the woods without ever knowing what happens to her, and without hesitation or instruction Daryl begins leading the search for Sophia and speaks directly to Carol for the first time, using his soft-gruff voice. His genteelness gives me all kindsa Caryl feels!
Carl’s determination to search for his friend inspires his parents, and even Shane, who’s more opposing to Rick than anyone else and doesn’t see much use in continuing the search after the church proves fruitless, agrees to keep up his façade in front of the group.
When the Sophia search party approaches the church, you can see Revelation 16:17 referenced on the sign outside. Revelation 16:17 reads, “The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying, “It is done!” This verse, following six other divine punishments at the end of time (that is, after the biblically foretold apocalypse), signifies the end of desolation and destruction; however, “it is done,” the familiar phrase preempting the physical death and subsequent resurrection of Christ, precedes it. Both in the Gospels and here in Revelation, death and resurrection are mentioned before they actually happen, the notion being it’s so certain that it can be spoken of as actually having already happened. Though maybe a bit heavy-handed if one takes notice, this verse foreshadows Sophia’s death and untimely resurrection, even as Carol prays for her safe, un-reanimated return.
And that prayer. The one that Rick and Lori overhear, the one that outs her dead ex-abuser as a pedophile and her as the brave woman who stood between her daughter and the man who would use and abuse her, the one that cries out for salvation for her baby girl, the one that still brings me to tears. That prayer is the essence of who Carol is: willing to take whatever weight, blame, punishment, or penalty to keep someone she loves safe. [x]