No more kid stuff. I wish you could have the childhood I had, but that’s not gonna happen. People are gonna die. I’m gonna die. Mom. There’s no way you can ever be ready for it. I try to be, but I can’t. The best we can do now is avoid it as long as we can, keep one step ahead. I wish I had something better to say, something… Something more profound. My father was good like that. But I’m tired, son.

Better Angels

A few months ago, I was asked about creating a TWD Appreciation Week to go along with all the others. I decided I’d go ahead and do it, but wait until appreciation weeks died down and we were on hiatus.

We’re on hiatus, appreciation weeks have died down, and most of us in the fandom are out of school for the summer, so I thought this was a good time to do it.

TWD Apprecation Week is going to be from June 21 - June 27, the last full week of June. The themes are:

Day One (June 21) - Favorite Male Character(s)
Day Two (June 22) - Favorite Female Character(s)
Day Three (June 23) - Favorite Friendship(s)
Day Four (June 24) - Character(s) You Wish Were Still Alive
Day Five (June 25) - Favorite Villain(s)
Day Six (June 26) - Favorite Season(s)
Day Seven (June 27) - Anythang goes. (if you want, you can view the themes we didn’t use here and use one of those or do whatever you can come up with!!)

Please tag all your posts #twdweek and remember to only post your own original content!

Any questions can be directed to atlantafive.