Vantage Point && aintashes

——— ▉♕ ʜᴏᴡʟ ▉ ———

      Glass fragments cracked underfoot and hastily swept out of the way by a thick soled combat boot. Even on the hunt like this, there was always one little thought in the back of her mind. Protect Katsuo. The German Shepard followed obediently a little ways behind, as ordered, as she cleared the ground floor of glass well enough for him to get through.

      A military issue sniper rifle was strapped across Akemi’s back, and a pistol clenched tightly in her hands. The building had shown some promise upon initial stake out. And even the streets surrounding had been quite clear of Walkers. Maybe today was a lucky day.

      But luck was harder and harder to come by these days.

      Katsuo was getting skinnier by the day, and even with her giving him more food than she was taking, she couldn’t have him dying on her.

      She motioned for him to follow up the stairs. Perhaps if they went higher they’d be able to find something, anything to make the trek here worthwhile. Not just a possible height advantage, but maybe food and ammo too.