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congrats on such a huge milestone troye! i’m extremely happy and proud of you. it’s been an absolute pleasure watching you and your channel grow throughout the years. you inspire me and now at least 3 million other people every day with your creativity and kindness. You mean the world to so many people and watching you succeed is the most amazing thing to experience. If anyone deserves 3,000,000, it’s definitely you <3

The signs as Greek Gods/Goddesses

Aries- Athena

Taurus- Zeus

Gemini- Artemis/Apollo

Cancer- Hercules

Leo- Hephaestus

Virgo- Demeter

Libra- Dike

Scorpio- Ares

Sagittarius- Hestia

Capricorn- Hera

Aquarius- Poseidon

Pisces- Aphrodite