I’ve been afraid to get my hopes up, thinking we can actually stay here. The thing is I’ve been starting to get afraid that it’s easier just to be afraid. But this morning daddy said something. If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living. So I’m going to start writing in you again. And I’m going to write this down now, because you should write down wishes to make them come true. We can live here. We can live here for the rest of our lives. We’re not going to die…none of us. I believe now. I believe for daddy. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know how I could keep going.” - Beth Greene


"I don’t know if you look at me with what, sadness? scorn? pity? love? Maybe it’s just indifference. I guess you already know I’m not much of a believer. I guess I just chose to put my faith elsewhere. Family mostly. And friends. My job. Thing is, we … I could use a little something to help keep us going. Some kind of acknowledgement. Some indication I’m doing the right thing. You don’t know how hard that is to know. Or maybe you do. Look, I don’t need all the answers. Just a little nudge. A sign. Any sign will do.” - Rick Grimes


"Thanks for the Scarf, Pookie"
Submission for the USS Caryl’s Winter Fanart Challenge

I’d love if, for the challenge, someone did a companion fanfic. ^_^ Just throwing that out there! What do you think?