The third/fourth screen would not allow itself to be screen-capped (it’s my phone button thingy) but i transcribed it for you because it’s important;

Collin; “He can say he could have gone for Dawn or that Bob guy Rick smashed with a car because they are DEAD, it doesn’t count.”

Sanja; “Yeah, but”

Collin; “You are nothing but a yeah, but. Norman is not Daryl so until you see Daryl saying shit none if it actually counts”

Sanja; “True”

Collin; “It’s reddit that’s why he picked that thing. He can be a sleeze there because it’s not official. That wasn’t Daryl because no one was telling him to be Daryl so just smile and shrug it off”

Sanja; ….

Collin; “He knows what he’s doing, he’s just doing it wrong.”

Sanja; “What?”

Collin; “He basically said he wants to be Glenn to be with Maggie, could have had a “taste” of romance with the blonde kid and he could have a love story with Carol. That was Norman, Daryl wouldn’t even talk to that guy”

Sanja; “Ewww”

Collin; “Daryl looks at Carol, Norman looks at everyone”

Sanja; “Awww you ship them”

Collin; “God no. Carol and Rick will mess with everyone’s head in a much more entertaining way”

Sanja; “I hate love you right now”

Collin; “I know”

*There you go, he is not a shipper, if anything he’s kind of like my fiesty muthawalker but he gets it - Daryl isn’t NR - and once the sting I feel from his general “inappropriateness” when it comes to women lessens I might look him in a gentler way BUT the bottom line is CANON is what’s on screen and NOT what NR says or implies.*

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