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Hinata isn’t all that badass (srry the picture looks so serious); he gets super nauseous from the mere /thought/ of guts and gore, so his mask is designed to release drugs to make him calm down a bit. Yes, he still has the trademark “Urp— t-toilet!!!” emergencies. His Kagune is extremely brittle, so he is pretty much useless in one-on-one combat. He can control his feathers to detach from his wings, acting like blades that resemble shards of glass. He can’t aim for his life, so this attack is extremely hazardous. (Ah, yeah, as the protag, he is half human/half ghoul so I kept Kaneki’s mask) Also the whole ‘decoy’ nickname thing is for something else, but that would be 2 much 2 read and I’m p sure noone is reading this so I won’t explain it.

Kageyama is Kageyama he’s still a fuckin douchebag and noone likes him wow. He is famous for his “King’s Toss”, which involves him pretty much bitchslapping tossing his poor victim into space with his huge-ass Kagune. Unlike other Ukaku, he does not run out of stamina easily, and prefers to literally smack his opponents away from him with his sturdy ‘wings’, labeling him as “Kind of the Ward”. His wings are so large that literally nobody has ever escaped the toss. Nobody. They were all slapped like 400 meters away because Kageyama’s stupid wings were so fucking huge what the fuck. 
Also Kags can fly ?? like what the actual heckie that’s not fair (no, he can’t really fly, but his wings can carry him up into the air and flap around a bit he just floats .. also if he jumps off a high place he can glide extremely far if he spreads his kagune to its full length. Hinata thinks this is the coolest thing ever and jumps onto his back sometimes but they just fall and Kageyama hits him on the head for being a dumbass)

These two nerds can use this rly weird attack combo that the other ghouls have nicknamed ‘The Oddball Quick Strike” aka “The Freak Spike”, where Hinata’s useless attack is combined with Kageyama’s “King’s Toss”. Hinata lets loose a barricade of sharp, glass-like feathers, and Kageyama uses his Kagune to steer where they hit. It sounds pretty normal aside from the fact that the King’s Toss is ridiculously fast and unpredictable; so much to the point where the projectiles can’t be seen by even a ghoul’s eyes after the collision. The duo has learned to attack multiple targets at once, much to the other ghouls’ dismay. (It’s pretty dang cool, but CCG member, Kenma Kozume seems to have figured out a way to fight against it damn him and his stupid pudding hair.)

I’m sorry if you got this far you deserve a whole cake this was so dumb HAHAHA i had too much time on my hands so i literally made this huge au with a shitload of the characters ack. id draw them all out but im kind of scared to venture further into this territory ahaha…




No, no no no no no no no no. 

This is so not okay. This is the farthest thing from Okay since Ross slept with the copy machine girl. 

But it’s going to be okay. We all just need to send happy thoughts and well wishes to Nathan and it will all be good