Some Outstanding Skeleton Sculptures from  John Breed

John Breed(1969) creates works of art for over twenty years now.
After his adventurous travels, he comes back full of inspiration, craftsmanship, indigenous techniques and makes his own new artworks. He learned to draw calligraphy from a Japanese master in Kyoto, graffiti in New York, painted fresco’s in Rome, got in touch with icon painting in Russia and learned to paint traditional landscapes during his trip through China. Breed live and work in the Netherlands.


Art Crush: Jonathan Latiano and the Grayer Areas of Science

In the upstairs gallery of the BMA’s Contemporary Wing, Jonathan Latiano’s driftwood installation, ‘Flight of the Baiji,’ immediately reminds you of other monumental animal-inspired installations, like Cai Guo-Qiang’s ‘Head On‘ and Ai Weiwei’s ‘Snake Installation.’ It seems even more appropriate, then, in the visual context of these famous Chinese artists, that Latiano’s subject matter is the extinct freshwater Baiji dolphin, from the Yangtze River of China.

Latiano’s version is slightly sinister because the school of dolphins swimming overhead is rendered as skeletons made of bleached driftwood. Although close to anatomically correct, their long, grinning mouths with prickly teeth are especially menacing, but their placement in a graceful arc, suspended from the ceiling creates a ‘long view’ first impression that is elegant and awe-inspiring