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Look at my graphic skills! (Hahahaha.)

I know it’s technically not summer yet but the sun is shining in Belgium so it’s practically summer here. Since I had to remake my blog (still crying about that) I’ve made some new friends and joined some networks etc. and I thought it would be fun to put everyone together in a big post because I love you all! So here you go! 

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Now that time is over and as a little tip from someone who has already had to say farewell to a fantastic club before, namely Mainz, I can only advise you not to draw comparisons with me because comparisons diminish the wonderful memories there are and make a wonderful future all the more difficult. And this club will have a wonderful future, I’m absolutely sure of that. You’re all sensational and you’re getting a great coach.

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I keep seeing stuff about Confinement on my dash, but I haven't been able to find it! (I'm on mobile, so I can't really search through blogs) Would you mind linking it so I can read it? (Thanks in advance!)

Oooh yes, now I can introduce you to my precious, painful baby :D

You can read it here on tumblr (every chapter links through to the next), or here on AO3, whichever site you prefer.

Though I will warn you now that pretty much every common trigger warning does apply at some point during that beast. So if you have a very serious one, please be careful and stay safe. Angst is only fun when no one in the real world gets hurt


nbcicandothat: ✌️ DAYS till the premiere of #ICanDoThat!

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Ehehe yes, good

I really hope this fic becomes my legacy. I could hope for nothing more than being known as the person who made a whole lot of Anders fans, including myself, cry (I mean, that’s not exactly hard lmao, but you know) with nothing but a well-researched pile of writing