i wrote a medieval hat films au fic loL

p much its all of them meeting  and its sfw ok gO

Ross opened the door to the courtyard, nodding at the guard that stood outside. He was used to them being around every corner, behind every door. The safety of the castle and the royal family was of utmost importance, after all. He’d been surrounded by fierce looking men in armor ever since he could remember.

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My parents and I do not have the best of relationships, due to a series of incredibly bad parenting decisions, abuse, and me eventually leaving the cult. I still try incredibly hard though, because I am at heart very soft and forgiving and affectionate, and my family is very meaningful to me. 

Unfortunately, me trying incredibly hard just doesn’t matter. 

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Things that ran through my mind at 12, 2, 4 and then 6:45 am
  • I need to paint this room.
  • Why the hell can’t I get this stupid chapter written?
  • Should I make a writing blog?
  • I probably should buy more flour if it’s gonna snow on Tuesday.
  • Wait, it’s now upgraded to a blizzard? Fucking hell.
  • I need to get more wine.
  • I can’t write this other idea, I have too much going on.
  • I should just delete every single piece of my writing because it’s all utter shit.
  • I need to tape E and TNT tomorrow for the SAG awards.
  • What time does the red carpet start?
  • Right in the middle of dinner.  Great.
  • I wonder if soccer will be cancelled Monday.
  • Monday is gonna be a nightmare at work.
  • We need more salt for outside.
  • I need more herbs for dinner.
  • I wonder if this is normal that I can’t I sleep anymore?

Ugh, okay, so does anyone else occasionally get extended cravings for a certain genre or trope in a fic? I do, and I have been craving some good hurt/comfort for, like, a week. I’m not talking “someone has a cold and someone else brings them soup,” either, I mean… Like, someone is seriously injured in battle and someone else has to drag them to safety over dangerous terrain for weeks while keeping them alive and warm and comforting them when they hurt and shit. Like, aftermath of torture. Like, war zone just-watched-their-friend-die being comforted. I am talking some Sam-carrying-Frodo-up-Mount-Doom-when-his-strength-fails shenanigans. I want a heavy dose of hurt with my comfort, is what I am saying.

Someone give me some reeeeecs I am dyyyyyying *flops despondently* :(

me and panna are jsut. crying so much. we finished wolfchildren and im so sad. i forgot  how bad it actually was to watch the fucking ending im so sad

The end of mirrors, parallels and the decision to not tell a straight story.

I wanted to just post that title but I just really need to say this. SPN needs to stop with all these gimmicks and start telling a straight story again. When Kripke would use MOTW episodes to mirror the boys’ situation it was never as a detriment to the show, it was a layering or an enhancing of the main plot point. It would enrich the story and drive the story further. 

That isn’t what Carver does when he and his crew employ these tactics. He uses them as ball peen hammers on us weekly, not for driving the story further but driving the story into the ground with little to no growth. 

What is this guy’s damage with just telling a straight story, why is everything half done, why is so much attention being focused on something else, simply to use it as a mirror for Dean’s situation…. How about just dealing with Dean situation, how about moving that along. 

Supernatural is a show that never should have become a slave to gimmicks, to me it was gimmick proof because of what they could do, and how they could retread themes with completely different outcomes. 

I am just frustrated with Carvers way of telling a story, and I am tired of episodes feeling the same, sorry for the rant, I just had to get this out.